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  1. Since U.S. Equties cannot go down, you might as well maximize your returns.

    Shit... 121.33 when did that happen? nevermind.
  2. Buy AAPL anyway. It's going higher.
  3. good advice

  4. FUCK! Now there's 2 of you!?!?! :p
  5. jazzsax


    I can't complain.... I've been making some good coin on AAPL options the past two weeks....

    Let's just hope it keeps going on my *MY* side of the trade.

  6. GTC


    Going on both sides--but AAPL does look inflated.
  7. Not bad. AAPL up while market is down
  8. empee


    i would buy AAPL here, around here or a pullback (you probably wont get one) and sell the day before the Iphone comes out end of month.
  9. Told you to buy appl
  10. S2007S


    AAPL may be doing well today on the IPHONE release, but like I said if this phone doesnt live up to what its suppose to do AAPL is going to drop faster than it went up.
    #10     Jun 7, 2007