Buy A Home, Get a Green Card

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  1. John Mauldin wrote about an interesting idea about solving the housing crisis. It involves letting foreigners purchase homes in exchange for a green card. I think this will work.

    Link to the news letter:

    The link to the Wall Street Journal editorial is:

    The links to the white papers are:
  2. Oh, the desperation of these damn fools.
    Pretty sad shit for a people once looked up to in some parts of the world.
    Complete laughing stock today and deservedly so.
  3. I have been a regular reader of Mauldin for the last five years, I have been to dinner with him as well. I can honestly say after reading his support for this, he has early onset of dementia. Has to be one of the worst ideas of all.
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    with the greencard, i am getting on focus of the IRS??

    if so NO, thank you

  5. Best idea I've heard so far.
  6. It will never happen.

    The US penalise foreigners who buy property, they dont encourage them.

    I am a British citizen and have a vacation home in Florida. Purchased in 1999. My property taxes then were $8000 as were my neighbours (who are American). Today my property taxes are $20,000 and my neighbours are $8,800.

    So i pay 2 1/2 times more for services that I am not allowed to use.

    Just dont see the US throwing out GCards.
  7. Ah, and the US continues to be whored-out ... :eek:
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    True. Economic nationalism is rising, Obama wont risk his reelection, this would be a deeply unpopular move
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    half of the china armed with their government money will be here in matter of days..will you be happy with this asian invasion?
  10. I've found Chinese immigrants to be very peaceful citizens. They tend to keep to themselves mainly.
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