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  1. ?Should we?
  2. stop smoking crack....

  3. stktrdr


    I am bullish on the market from here, but come on; how many cheerleading threads do we need?

    Grow up. This is a forum for professionals not adolescent wankers.

    'nuff said.
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  5. No, you shouldn't. Someone else will probably step in and buy. :D
  6. Mods, delete this fool's thread.
  7. What you people dont understand is the real move in the market has not even started yet.
  8. Douchebag -- my only issue is how it interferes with how ET reads. The retarded title is too long.

    Consider suicide as a viable life-choice.
  9. OK no need for name calling. (you must be short :( ). Is there a way I can change it?
  10. Exactly.......enough of this romper room shit already.
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