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    I have been using the buttontrader real-time simulator via my IB feed. I have had some good success scalping the es using limit orders. Can someone verify the accuracy of this program before I become too excited by my results?

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    Doesn't anyone have some knowledge of this product? :)
  3. I can't even download it!
  4. What do you mean by "accuracy of the program". Do you mean how realistic the fills are? I'd say if you were hitting the Ask when buying and the Bid when selling, you'll be OK with the real account as well.

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    Yes, I mean accuracy of the fills. I was using limit orders only, and I am curious as to whether I would actually receive fills on most or all of these orders in the real world.

    I think it seems ok, but feedback from someone with real time experience using the product would be excellent.
  6. Why don't you try a few "real" orders and see what happens?
    That way you have first hand experience... :D
  7. I have ButtonTrader downloaded in 6 chunks. But I cannot figure
    out what to do with the 6 chunks. They just sit there in a folder
    doing nothing... Now that I think of it, when I try to unzip the files
    they say they are corrupted or something...
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    Because I think I have to pay the licence fee to use the product in real trading. :)

    Oh, and if I lose it could be an expensive answer to my question. :)
  9. Hey....leave the kid alone....he's honest....would someone from Buttontrader spend some time and answer his question.

    I personally cannot help, but most demos are unable to consider volume and FIFO rules and simulate your place in line, because it is not actual real time placement. Some might primitively deduct 1 tick from your simulated execution to make it realistic.....

    Michael B.
  10. Might want to join the ButtonTrader Yahoo Group. Maybe
    someone on the group will answer your question?...
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