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  1. nelcat9


    any experience using buttontrader with IB?
  2. Ditch


    yeah, you have to read 8 manuals to start with, after i did that and started the whole thing up, the buttongrid didn't appear. after a day of work or so i decided to stop wasting my time
  3. I didnt get very far with it either. It seems very counter-intuitive to me but I have no patience. If I cant figure it out in 15 minutes I dont want to mess with it.
  4. hughmac


    i ran it live for a month and it performed superbly (shame my trading wasn't as good)
    well worth the time reading the manuals imho

    i am looking for built in automation from the charting which wont be available within this software for some time yet

  5. paradox


    There is a learning curve, but it is well worth it.
  6. there are multiple front ends available like


    which you are welcome to contribute to your own liking :)
  7. Ditch


    thx. i didn't no that one, i will check it out:)
  8. UVLC


    looks interesting.

    is buttontrader the same? links?
  9. BKuerbs


    It is a great pity you had to give up. I assume you started with the demo version? Then there is just one document you should read and certainly not all 8 of them.

    When you follow the path from the demo version via real time simulation to real trading there are is a minimum of 3 documents you should read, the rest is to your liking (and needs).

    To open a ButtonGrid for a ticker, right-click that ticker in the TWSGrid and select "Open ButtonGrid for this Ticker" from the context menu.

    To insert a ticker into the TWSGrid, right-click an empty line in the TWSGrid and select "Insert Ticker" from the context-menu.

    Though in the demo-version, you obviously cannot add any tickers beside the ones delivered along with the demo-version.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  10. Ditch


    Thx for replying,

    some feedback from me: when reading the manuals i pretty soon got the feeling that BT with it's endless flexibility is targeted towards the typical "dealing room professional" instead of the small private trader who exploits various simple strategies. It all felt pretty much like overkill for me. I expected something more like bracket-trader with a different interface and that's basically what i'm looking for. So how about a BT-lite?
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