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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lwlee, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. lwlee


    I posted this on BT mailing list but wanted to know what other users have to think.

    I’m up for my 3 month renewal and the new pricing in euros is a bit of a sticker shock.
    I was on the single standard TWS for $139 USD. The new price at 139 euros = $218 USD.
    Now I know that eur/usd exchange rate has soared but it seems that the price increase included the exchange rate adjustment plus quite a bit more.

    The eur/usd rate went from about 1.30 during 2006/2007 to what it is now about 1.56.
    $139 USD / 1.56 = 89 euros. Back in 2006/2007, it was $139 USD / 1.30 = 106 euros.
    Let me know if my calculations are off. But 106 to 139 is a price increase of 31%!
  2. gttrader


    Try ZeroLine trader at only $29 for 3 months or $89 a year, and imho far better.
  3. lwlee


    ZT doesn't look much better than the stock Booktrader that comes with IB.