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    I’ve been involved as part of a team with a man in the Netherlands who has spent several years developing a new front end trading platform for IB
    This is far and away the most sophisticated trading platform I’ve ever seen. Named ButtonTrader, it uses a grid consisting of price buttons, which enables one to manage trades in a highly sophisticated visual way. One actually sees what he’s trading.

    It’s a versatile and innovative visual interface, which displays market action in real time. Set your trade strategy and quantity, and then enter the trade with a single mouse-click
    They have developed unique and flexible "5P" strategies to help a trader maximize his efficiency. From scalping to position trading, the ButtonTrader Strategy Editor offers flexibility and power to maximize profits and minimize losses. It manages one or many concurrent positions with fast, reliable order submission and continuous trade oversight.
    You can trade as many strategies for the same or different securities as you want, and all at the same time: Futures, Stocks, SSF, in all currencies and on all exchanges which IB offers.
    ButtonTrader is a highly sophisticated system, with features you will not have seen before. You’ll need some time to learn it, and you will have the opportunity to browse the extensive documentation. It has a free Simulator.
    This site is worth a look. BTW I have no financial interest in this business. Wish I did.
  2. Tried it out today.

    Used the real-time simulator with my account.

    You've got some real cool software here. The best I've seen for TWS.
  3. First impression.

    Very impressive.

    Congrats on some nice work.
  4. I'm impressed - it's just the sort of front end that IB needs. Been playing with it all weekend and can't leave it alone.

    Testing it on monday as the sim account against IB, and actually looking forward to it.

    (No - I don't work for them - had never heard of them till thursday or friday...)


  5. Yes, the ability to have multiple trades in multiple markets and multiple accounts is a big advantage.

    Very nice!

  6. Looks alot like X-Trader.
  7. i can't even get their website to come up.:confused:
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    :confused: :confused: :confused:
    Hello gladiator,
    I’m the webmaster@buttontrader.com and I really want to know what wend wrong. If you can mail or tell me the time and date you tried . I will look this up in the log files and try to solve it.
  9. Thanx, Natalie, Joop !
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