BUTTONTRADER: 2 concurrently opened buttongrids on one TAB

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  1. Hello,

    Customer support was not specific enough in his reply so I thought I try to post my question here.

    I would like to have the EUR/USD cash and the EURO FX future buttongrid to be open at the same time. So that I can follow the market depth and price action side by side simultaneously on the cash and future EUR market and be able to trade either one. How can I do that?

    So what I mean is that I would like to have 2 concurrently opened buttongrids on one TAB.

    Please help!

  2. bolter


    If you have the standard version or higher this is possible. The lite version only supports a single buutongrid.
  3. I know it is possible, but how? Where to click what option to choose?


  4. bolter


    do you want to trade both or watch both and trade one?
  5. Just double-click on the line in the TWS grid, where the tickers are.

  6. Bolter,

    I would like to watch both and be able to trade both!


    I did what you said but it did not help. I just got a new TAB. I want one tab with two tradable buttongrids!

    Thanks for you both for trying to help !
  7. a question for you BT IB users if I could? BT looks great I am concerned though that IB's execution for futures wouldn't be able to touch TT for speed? Have you found lags in quotes or fills in fast markets like ZG? TIA

  8. Dan - you will be going backwards with this choice....I have already tried IB and it was not at all fast enough (and I had some connectivity tech issues).
  9. Thanks 5P. My mentor called Paul at VCAP, I didn't have a chance yet, and he said he seemed like a good guy. Nice to know they offer Currenex if you have the $$$.
  10. Yes I have not dabbled into that yet....maybe down the road a few months. :)
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