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    I am trying to use a better DOM for my broker, Interactive Broker.

    Have tested several so far, including Zero Line Trader, Bracket and Ninja Trader.

    Zero Line Trader I could not stand, so did not even get a chance to review it.

    Bracket is very limited and has many limitations, even when you close and reopen the DOM the current positions are not fetched.

    Ninja Trader is very bloated, and sometimes the DOM dot not communicate well with IB, just very unreliable, so that's a scratch.

    Button trader is next but good Lord those prices, is it really that good ? I know it lists more features than I could care for, but how's the reliability ?

    Any other alternatives ? Sierra Charts ?

    Your opinions are appreciated, thank you for taking the time.

    No Heat
  2. Hi No.Heat,

    you could give TradeProject a try. Here is a screenshot of the Level2-Trader. Unfortunately I have not documentation until today - so simply play with it. To place a order you simply need to click in the Bid (Size) or Ask (Size) column. click the same field again increases the volume. Click on the order in the Buy or Sell column will cancel your order. You can change the limit/stop price with drag and drop. It will also change from limit to stop order if you cross the last price. You can also change the delta of a trailing stop order if you keep the ctrl-key pressed while drag & drop your stop order. There are some more features - so just play around with the demo or paper account. If you have more questions you could also contact me - I will try to help as soon as possible. I made this screenshot with the demo-account. This does not offer any level-2 quotes, but with the paper-account you will have the market-depth displayed. Please enjoy it: www.TradeProject.de

  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal


    eSignal has a DOM and trade integration with IB. We also have the fee-waiver program for CME eminis and you can try out our OnDemand service for just $1 for the first month (about $45/mo thereafter). This also includes access to backfill, our formula language, backtesting, global market data, robust charting and much, much more.

  4. No.Heat


    Hello Daniel,

    Thank you dearly for taking the time to suggest this to me.

    I will look at it at once.

    No Heat
  5. What particular features are you looking for that aren't found in ones you've listed? Given that Ninja goes for like $60/month and a lite license to ButtonTrader is less than that, and BracketTrader is shareware, I'm assuming you want something on the ultra (free) cheap?

    If you have any programming experience, it might be worthwhile just to roll your own: a DOM itself is pretty easy to implement if you are just looking to make something that funnels various orders to IB (i.e: you do charting, etc elsewhere).

    Here's a screenshot of the one I made for myself just to show what can be done with a bit of effort. It's not much to look at currently, but it allows me to do trade exactly how I want...and once I had the basic framework laid out, adding new features are easy to add (the little "tick countdown to next bar" counter in the lower right corner, for example).
  6. No.Heat


    Hi Goonior,

    Thank you for your time.

    I applaud you for your skills and efforts, very impressive, your own DOM, I'm jealous.

    Unfortunately, I lack programming skills, therefore, I'm at the mercy of other coders.

    I'm not looking for the ultra cheap and Button lite limits you, if I'm not mistaken, to only one strategy.

    Bracket lacks features, so that one is out of the question and eventhough Ninja Trader was adequate I had way too many technical issues to even consider it.

    I will check out Tradeproject and Button in the meantime, unless there are other viable alternatives that require research.

    No Heat
  7. IB's Book Trader?

    You can configure hot keys and buttons.

    I use Bracket trader and have not had any problems. However I only trade one instrument.(NQ)

    What features are you looking for ?
  8. No.Heat


    Thank you for your response.

    These are the features I require as a bare minimum.

    Multiple stops per entry instead of one.

    Multiple exits and flexibility to split original intended exits for the sake of letting a winner run.

    One quick emergency flat position.

    Ability to expand manipulate exits with ease, preferably via drag and drop.

    Ability to trail stop with ease.

    Preservation of everything when the DOM is closed and reopened.

    Option to enter with above mentioned requirements at limit or market if touched with quickness.

    And above all, reliability.

    No Heat
  9. Are you trading more than one instrument?

    Bracket trader does all the above except when you open or close the DOM.

    I'm not registered because I only trade one e-mini but I believe if you register you can open multiple platforms.
  10. No.Heat


    I only trade ES and Forex and I own a license for Bracket Trader. Bracket Trader most definitely cannot fulfill all my requirements.

    No Heat
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