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  1. Can anyone comment on what charting package is the most stable for use with Button Trader & TWS?

    I know Ninja Trader does not like being in the mix, but so far QuoteTracker and Sierra charts seem to doing OK.

    Is there a benefit to running TWS as a stand alone -vs- via Java from a browser, as far as reducing the processing appetite of TWS?

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    not many people thought GOOG worth $100 at IPO.
  3. I like Sierra.

    Re standalone vs off the web. Not unless you have specific java vm commands you want to run. Both run java and Ib uses the same vm commands for each ... its just that the web version pulls down the latest version if there has been a change from the one in the java cache.
  4. Thanks Kiwi...

    One thing about Sierra, it does seem to handle a few more windows and indicators at the same time better than QT.

    What data feed are you using with Sierra?

    Thanks again.
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    TWS-API is made in a way, that only one Order/Position-management-tool can be connected (need ClientID=zero). But you can connect up to 7 Charting-apps (other ClientID's).
    So any Charting-tool (like QT, Sierra, Ensign, etc), will work together with TWS + ButtonTrader (or any other Trading-app). It is even possible to run multiple chart-tools, as long as each tool has set its own unique ClientID (ask the tool provider how to configure the ClientID).

    My advice is never, ever, use the Browser-version. It is correct that Java-code is the same, but release-versions are not! The Browser-version has the latest new features, but is also less tested and can be unstable. Simply take no risk!....it's your money that's on the line...the Stand-alone-version is simply the best choice.
  6. Hello Hoi...

    Does QT needed to be slightly tweaked to disable it's trade function to better integrate with Button Trader?

    I assume simply not logining into IB with QT is enough.


  7. That isn't necessarily a good thing.

  8. The two have no relationship with each other.

    While it's good to ask questions and get pointed in the right direction on the board, there's a lot of work involved becoming a successful trader.

    Sometimes it's a good idea and start working with the tools that are your disposal so you can learn through experience (always the best, IMHO).

    I recommend reading all of the documentation, and spending a good amount of time on SIM until you're up and running.

    Good trading,

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    Not that I know off. I have installed QT with its default settings (connected to TWS/IB), and use it now and then for its charting. I actually never tried the trade feature, so I don't know if that needs some addition QT-settings (which need or don't-need to be disabled).
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    I completely agree.
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