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  1. New World Order (NWO) plans in jeopardy following 2008 market slump

    By Andreas Hippin

    Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The Illuminati, a shadowy group of elitist bankers bent on world domination, said today that market developments in 2008 have "significantly hindered" their goal of establishing a New World Order by 2012. Bob Rothschild, a descendant of the infamous Mayer Amschel Rothschild, spoke about the extent the credit crisis has derailed the Illuminati goals. “We were making great progress under former U.S. President Bill Clinton and current President George H. W. Bush. The plan was to allow for easy credit followed by deflation as a way to force foreclosures. This would transfer large swarfs of private property to banks we control. However, something went terribly wrong. We underestimated our risk exposure and got caught up in the mess. J. P. Morgan purchased Bear Sterns, at a deep discount from fair value, as planned, or at least that’s what we though,” said Rothschild. We greatly underestimated Bear’s exposure to Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Credit Default Swaps (CDS). “They were just too hard to value, and we did not realize it before it was too late.”

    Jason Rockefeller, based out of an undisclosed location in New York, is charged with funding the operations of the NWO by manipulating world events. He disclosed today that the New World Order, LLC lost over $6.2 billion in connection with Bernard Madoff Capital Management. Exposure could reach as high as $10 billion. “We were having a really bad year, and this totally blindsided us,” explained Rockefeller. We have experienced a significant loss as a result of Madoff and the poor decisions of our fund managers. To add further insult to injury, we were highly leveraged. Had we not been for whom we are, we would have received a margin call resulting in total liquidation of our positions. It would have made us insolvent,” explained Rockefeller. “We had to call in a lot of favors this time around.” The NWO’s traditional funding sources in times of emergency -- the Vatican Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York -- are experiencing their own liquidity problems.

    Federal Reserve

    The Federal Reserve was a liquidity provider of last resort for the Illuminati. However, financial markets remain considerably strained and a swelling balance sheet has been wholly committed to support the overall financial system. A freedom of information request by Bloomberg News to discover the recipients of $2 trillion in loans by the Federal Reserve was recently denied. However, a Federal Reserve governor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity since all activities related to the Illuminati and the NWO are top secret said that they will be able to support the Illuminati and the New World Order for the foreseeable future. “Traditionally we would receive interest payments by purchasing treasury bills, which would then be distributed in the form of dividends to the Illuminati and other member banks. Anything in excess to the Illuminati’s needs would then be transfer to the Treasury Department. However, all of our T-Bills have been lent out to insolvent banks to prevent an outright collapse of the financial system." The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, colloquially known as the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), had to go out in full force several days in October to prevent a meltdown of biblical proportions. "We would have strongly preferred to remain a Wall Street legend but it was imperative to prop up the markets, even if it meant exposing ourselves and our proxies: Goldman Sachs Group and J.P. Morgan." The Plunge Protection Team is charged with purchasing unlimited index futures in event of a sever stock market crash. The group established by Ronald Reagan in response to the 1987 stock market crash does not purchase contracts directly but instead uses third parties. “Had the President’s Working Group allowed a crash, it would have severely prohibited the Illuminati from establishing their New World Order, which has been in the works for well over 100 years. “It was not an option.”

    End Game

    The Illuminati had originally planed to have the New World Order up and running by December 21, 2012, to match the end of the Mayan calendar of order time. However, Billy Vanderbilt, Supreme Emperor in waiting of the New World Order, believes that date is far too optimistic. We are so behind schedule and the world is spinning out of control. “Normally we like to be in control, but this financial crisis has sent everything into disrepair. We risk a total annihilation of our goals established in 1932 and again in Benton Woods. “All we can do now is hope for the best.”

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  2. We could stand a new world order since the one we've got is a basket case. We could put Martha Stewart in charge of it. She'd tidy up everything -- finger sandwiches for everbody, linens always folded and she ain't half bad at business. I get the Ruth Chris franchise since it was my idea.
  3. Here are the top ten reasons why nano-thermites, and nano-thermite coatings, should
    have come to mind quickly for the NIST WTC investigators.

    1. NIST was working with LLNL to test and characterize these sol-gel nanothermites,
    at least as early as 1999 (Tillitson et al 1999).

    2. Forman Williams, the lead engineer on NIST’s advisory committee, and the most
    prominent engineering expert for Popular Mechanics, is an expert on the
    deflagration of energetic materials and the “ignition of porous energetic
    materials”(Margolis and Williams 1996, Telengator et al 1998, Margolis and
    Williams 1999). Nano-thermites are porous energetic materials. Additionally,
    Williams’ research partner, Stephen Margolis, has presented at conferences where
    nano-energetics are the focus (Gordon 1999). Some of Williams’ other
    colleagues at the University of California San Diego, like David J. Benson, are
    also experts on nano-thermite materials (Choi et al 2005, Jordan et al 2007).

    3. Science Applications International (SAIC) is the DOD and Homeland Security
    contractor that supplied the largest contingent of non-governmental investigators
    to the NIST WTC investigation. SAIC has extensive links to nano-thermites,
    developing and judging nano-thermite research proposals for the military and
    other military contractors, and developing and formulating nano-thermites
    directly (Army 2008, DOD 2007). SAIC’s subsidiary Applied Ordnance
    Technology has done research on the ignition of nanothermites with lasers
    (Howard et al 2005).
    In an interesting coincidence, SAIC was the firm that investigated the 1993 WTC
    bombing, boasting that -- “After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our blast
    analyses produced tangible results that helped identify those responsible (SAIC
    2004).” And the coincidences with this company don’t stop there, as SAIC was
    responsible for evaluating the WTC for terrorism risks in 1986 as well (CRHC
    2008). SAIC is also linked to the late 1990s security upgrades at the WTC, the
    Rudy Giuliani administration, and the anthrax incidents after 9/11, through former
    employees Jerome Hauer and Steven Hatfill.

    4. Arden Bement, the metallurgist and expert on fuels and materials who was
    nominated as director of NIST by President George W. Bush in October 2001,
    was former deputy secretary of defense, former director of DARPA’s office of
    materials science, and former executive at TRW.
    Of course, DOD and DARPA are both leaders in the production and use of nanothermites
    (Amptiac 2002, DOD 2005). And military and aerospace contractor
    TRW has had a long collaboration with NASA laboratories in the development of
    energetic materials that are components of advanced propellants, like nano-gelled
    explosive materials (NASA 2001). TRW Aeronautics also made fireproof
    composites and high performance elastomer formulations, and worked with
    NASA to make energetic aerogels.
    Additionally, Bement was a professor at Purdue and MIT. Purdue has a thriving
    program for nano-thermites (Son 2008). And interestingly, at MIT’s Institute for
    Soldier Nanotechnology, we find Martin Z. Bazant, son of notable “conspiracy
    debunker” Zdenek P. Bazant (MIT 2008), who does research on granular flows,
    and the electrochemical interactions of silicon. Zdenek P. Bazant is interested in
    nanocomposites as well (Northwestern 2008), and how they relate to naval
    warfare (ONR 2008). MIT was represented at nano-energetics conferences as
    early as 1998 (Gordon 1998).
    Bement was also a director at both Battelle and the Lord Corporation. Battelle
    (where the anthrax was made) is an organization of “experts in fundamental
    technologies from the five National Laboratories we manage or co-manage for the
    US DOE.” Battelle advertises their specialization in nanocomposite coatings
    (Battelle 2008). The Lord Corporation also makes high-tech coatings for military
    applications (Lord 2008). In 1999, Lord Corp was working with the Army and
    NASA on “advanced polymer composites, advanced metals, and multifunctional
    materials” (Army 1999).
  4. 5. Hratch Semerjian, long-time director of NIST’s chemical division, was promoted
    to acting director of NIST in November 2004, and took over the WTC
    investigation until the completion of the report on the towers. Semerjian is
    closely linked to former NIST employee Michael Zachariah, perhaps the world’s
    most prominent expert on nano-thermites (Zachariah 2008). In fact, Semerjian
    and Zachariah co-authored ten papers that focus on nano-particles made of silica,
    ceramics and refractory particles. Zachariah was a major player in the Defense
    University Research Initiative on Nanotechnology (DURINT), a groundbreaking
    research effort for nano-thermites.

    6. NIST has a long-standing partnership with NASA for the development of new
    nano-thermites and other nano-technological materials. In fact, Michael
    Zachariah coordinates this partnership (CNMM 2008).

    7. In 2003, two years before the NIST WTC report was issued, the University of
    Maryland College Park (UMCP) and NIST signed a memorandum of
    understanding to develop nano-technologies like nano-thermites (NIST 2003).
    Together, NIST and UMCP have done much work on nano-thermites (NM2

    8. NIST has their own Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST 2008).
    Additionally, NIST’s Reactive Flows Group did research on nanostructured
    materials and high temperature reactions in the mid-nineties (NRFG 1996).

    9. Richard Gann, who did the final editing of the NIST WTC report, managed a
    project called “Next-Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program”, both
    before and after 9/11. Andrzej Miziolek, another of the world’s leading experts
    on nano-thermites (Amptiac 2002), is the author of “Defense Applications of
    Nanomaterials”, and also worked on Richard Gann’s fire suppression project
    (Gann 2002). Gann’s project was sponsored by DOD’s Strategic Environmental
    Research and Development Program (SERDP), an organization that sponsored a
    number of LLNL’s nano-thermite projects (Simpson 2002, Gash et al 2003).

    10. As part of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, NIST
    partners with the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Indian Head (NSWC-IH) on
    Chemical Science and Technology (FLCTT 2008). NSWC-IH is probably the
    most prominent US center for nano-thermite technology (NSWC 2008). In 1999,
    Jan Puszynski, a scientist working for the DURINT program, helped NSWC-IH
    design a pilot plant to produce nano-size aluminum powder. It was reported that
    “At that time, this was [the] only reliable source of aluminum nanopowders in the
    United States” (SDSMT 2001), however, private companies like Argonide and
    Technanogy were also known to have such capabilities.
    Among an interesting group of contractors that NSWC-IH hired in 1999 were
    SAIC, Applied Ordnance, Battelle, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mantech, Titan, Pacific
    Scientific Energetic (see below), and R Stresau Laboratories for “demolition
    materials” (NSWC 2000).
    A tragic coincidence left William Caswell, an employee of NSWC-IH, dead on
    the plane said to have hit the Pentagon (Flight 77). He had for many years
    worked on “deep-black” projects at NSWC-IH (Leaf 2007).