Busted a scammer!

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  1. I was browsing through the internet for stock scanning platforms tonight. I came across PC quotes website and they offer a scanner called market screen for 29.95 per month after a 14 day trial period. It looked like an average scanner so I set a serach in to google and came across another place called tradescreens.com where lo and behold I see the same exact scanner as PC quotes but they are selling it for 79.95 per month. In fact the screenshots and the pictures are all the same right down to the letter. The only thing different is the price. I plan on calling up PC quote tommorow to find out how they feel about a company that is offering out there product for almost 3 times what they are charging. I am kinda curious what they will say about this. Either way here are the 2 websites for the laugh. I just want to say whether or not this scanner is coming from a 3rd party and is selling it to both PC quote and Tradescreen.com shame on Tradescreen.com you are busted for being scam artists and charging 3 times the amount. Just goes to show how careful you have to be out there in snake oil hell. Hope I saved at least 1 person from being scammed by Tradescreen.com and I hope I gave you guys a good laugh.


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    could be the contact lenses marketing scheme, i.e. same lenses but diff packaging with diff prices.
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    Maybe PC Quotes is offering it for a third less than they should.

    Why think that the fact that they're offering it at 3x what someone else arbitrarily decides to price it infers that they're price gauging? It's business as usual, prices are set at whatever and let the marketplace decide. Consumer goes with the bargain until and unless they find retroactively that the lower price means no customer service and/or quality. If the consumer finds all three - low price, quality and consumer service- rest assured the price will soon go up and/or quality/quantity/customer service will decline. That's also business as usual.
  5. Thx for the info.
  6. Lowerprice does not always mean lower quality in all instances.
    I can assure you of that.