Businessweek: The U.S. Can Learn A Lot from France's Superior Health Care System

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  1. Having witnessed many different healthcare systems... American, Canadian, French, German, Austrian, Swiss, British, etc...

    It does not matter which one you look at. If it ain't funded it ain't worth crap!

    The French system works and I do agree it works, but it costs!

    The other problem that America has and not the French are drum roll... American's are TOOOO BIG!!!!

    French people on the average are much thinner and eat healthier and they appreciate their food. That makes a big difference.

    It does not matter if the system is public or private, people have to change their habits...
  2. The French were wise enough not to let lobbyists exert so much control over legislators in critical areas such as health care, defense, etc.
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    correct ... the major problem in US is that most people are either obese or fat fat fat.
    Only private insurance can address this problem by either refusing them or cranking their premiums.

    The intelligent normal US tax payers are under attack from the fat people.

  5. How much out of someones paycheck goes to taxes etc..?

    Vat in france is 19.6% (19.6% sales tax)

    Plus 30% Tax if you make between 24K-66K euros

    So if you had a job that paid 42,000 US dollars

    you would pay 30% of that to taxes

    or 12,600 dollars leaving you with 29,400 dollars

    And then if you want to buy 29,400 worth of goods you pay a 19.6% consumption tax

    so you end up having to pay 5,762 dollars

    leaving you with 23,637 dollars of real purchasing power.

    No free lunch. There is no such thing as free healthcare.

    I forgot to add, there are more taxes that take away from the remaining 23,637 but its too complex and not worth doing the rest of the math.

    Stuff like Professional taxes,local taxes,social tax, etc..

    And they still run a deficit.

    But the stupid neocons instead of offering a real debate and show people how much they can potentially lose from thier paychecks they go on about with this BS death squad stuff and Bullshit talking points instead.
  6. True...

    Sorry but that calculation is not entirely correct. If you earned that and you have a 4 family members you would take that number split it by 4 and then calculate the tax on that amount.

    So it means you pay 4 times the tax rate of 10,500. That band is 5.5%, mean you would pay 5.5% on 42,000.

    Of course you have to apply deductions like the other taxes before you calculate income tax.

    No, you would have 33,600 dollars of real purchasing power.

    Oh I completely agree, French healthcare is expensive, but actually good. When we lived in the south of france (Opio) we did not complain.

    Like tax d'habitation, etc...

    A French person said it best to us. The government expects that you cheat by 50%! They don't actually expect that you tell the truth, that would be out of the ordinary...

    I remember people who had official claims with official income statements would lie about 10% of their real income.

    I pointed out that a piece of paper is saying otherwise, are you not concerned? They answered, not really, everybody does it.

    Absolutely the Republicans are given the goose that laid the golden egg in providing a real opposition. Yet what do they do? Approach it like Sarah Palin approaches things.

    It is so freaken sad...
  7. No I used to live in Mougins, and then later in Opio... Near the what used to be the olive mill. Nice place to live actually. Especially since there (a couple of years back) was a lady who used to sell pizza from a mobile van at night. REALLY GOOD pizza...

    I free-lanced, but my wife worked in Sophia Antipolis...
  8. Come on , you know better, This here type of thinkin is more then the folks here can figure out.
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