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    Hi to all,

    I'm quite desperate at this point of time and that is why i resort to posting for help on forums, i've problems with 2 econs questions and i have no idea on how to go about it. therfore i would like to seek the bigger audience to see if anyone can provide me with the answers. i'm extremely desperate and my deadline is up tonite.

    pls reply. thank you!

    Q1.The Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) begins its operations in the oil refining business.
    It subsequently ventures into trading of petroleum products and then oil exploration
    business. What is the method of expansion used by SPC?
    Critically Comment on the possible advantages and risk of this type of expansion.

    Q2.When Singapore's largest taxi operator, Comfort Group, announced its plan to run bus services
    in April02, there were mixed reactions to such diversifications even though the two operations
    are considered as having high relatedness. What are the possible advantages and drawbacks
    of the proposed diversifications?

  2. 1.
    Key terms that, if you look up, may help:
    backward integration
    forward integration
    vertical expansion
    porter's five forces
    organizational disfunction
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    hi, does the topics you suggested relate for both questions?

    is there a particular suggestion that i should look up for individual questions. pls advice. im at wits end
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    What have you been doing all semester???

    Don't you pay attention in class???

    At the last minute and when it's too late you come here and expect people to do your assigment.

    You sure are wasting Daddy's and Mummy's money sending you to college.