Business startup in London

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  1. Hi Traders

    You are people of opportunity like me,professional and business minded.
    I am looking for partner to open a company,this post is sort of like Dragon's Den situation.I give 70% of company share for funding(all in tangible assets).My business will cater to middle and high end costumers and i can tell you that i intend to be the best in the City.There is a huge opportunity,London is financial and cultural center but this service business which i worked for 14 years in the States is not up to the standard that i know over there in USA.Four guys working with me through the years went on their own and prosper.I came here to London to do the same.
    If you want to have your income diversified drop me a line we take it from there i will write details about what it is.

    Thank you for reading my post,this is not a spam.
    This is about success
  2. What do you call a business seeking message when you are not a paying sponsor? :D

  3. birdman


    interesting ...

    how much investment do you need and for how long, what sort of roi is expected