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    I'm a full time trader located in Sweden.
    My main trading is based on quantitative trading systems on US futures markets but I also do some discretionary trading on ES.

    I have a wish to start a serious trading site and I'm looking for a business partner.
    The site focus should be on technical trading and I'm open for any ideas.
    I'm thinking maybe some courses in trading, mechanical systems building, trading rooms, trading consultant etc.
    Any ideas are appreciated and needed.
    I would also like to put some systems on Collective2 or similar that could be tracked on the site.
    (I trade for some people and I think it would be great way for them to follow their investments.)

    Important!! This should not be the usual scam site with "special" indicators and 100% hit rate systems for sale.
    It should be a serious trading site that teaches what trading is about and also a place for potential investors to understand my trading philosophy.

    The main reason for me to do this is to have fun, create a track record and get some recognition in the business.

    I myself can't spend that much time designing and updating the site.
    So most importantly I need someone that is very independent and dedicated and enjoy customer relations.
    You would basically run the whole site!

    My part would be creating systems and run courses, trading rooms etc. (Of course you could also if you'd like.)
    I'll put in time and effort starting it up, of course.

    Some key skills that are important.
    - Passionate about trading and programming. Most Important! (You don't have to be a successful trader)
    - Self driven, motivated and independent. Very Important!
    - Programming skills in MultiCharts. Important!
    - Possibility to put in long hours as this will need a lot of work in the beginning.
    - Fluent in English language.
    - Educational, able to teach others.
    - Able to write trading articles on a daily basis.
    - Some experience in running websites. (You don't have to be an expert, we could hire someone to create the site).
    - Businesslike approach.
    - Coming up with own ideas.

    What you would get:
    - Possibility to learn more about trading.
    - Be part of a great international trading site.
    - Of course, 50% of any earnings.

    If you find this interesting please send me a PM and tell me a bit about yourself.

    Regards, Larssan