Business Owners to Obama: accelerate obama care

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  1. Small-business owners and industry members shared with TheStreet what the president needs to do to win their favor.

    Health Care

    "Accelerate creation of the state exchanges for insurance under the Affordable Care Act so we can start reaping the benefits of the pooled state-wide purchasing power and hold our rates down," says Keith Camhi, co-founder and CEO of Great Play, an 11-unit franchise of children's fitness establishments. "Health-insurance costs have been the fastest-growing expense line in our business, and these exchanges promise to be very helpful for that."|TWR|JC
  2. "Health-insurance costs have been the fastest-growing expense line in our business,

    You people are confused. I didn't go into business to provide health insurance to a bunch of lame ass employees.

    I went into business to provide a service and earn a return on risk.
  3. then you should be glad if the government removes the health care burden from the backs of employers.
  4. This is so all these business's can dump there employees into the State exchanges, shift the burden.

    I agree that each person should be responsible for their insurance, but give them free market access to it.
  5. dumbfvck healthcare is not a burden to employers in the first place.
    It's an optional perk.
  6. the best thing the government can do for small business and help it be competitive with overseas companies is to remove this burden, it is ten times as important as taxes.
  7. Somehow this appears to be a burden on employers if Obamacare is requiring me to provide health care and dictating how many hours my employees may work for me to avoid providing the benefit of health care.
  8. come on. you dont have any employees. in past dealings with you we have come to the conclusion that you are still in your teens.
    you have no clue. i have run a payroll. i wanted to provide benefits that kept my employees wanting to work for me.
    the problem was other employers in the same business who did not care and made it hard for responsible employers to compete.
  9. I could write a reply but frankly my life is a boring story (to me) I don't care to read.

    Oth, I could start a business in a week but I'm not interested in being a cash churning donkey for the various state local and fed govt.. All the easy money is g-o-n-e.
  10. You just admitted your predicament was self inflicted , how stupid do you think we are ?

    govt sticking it's nose in it is not the solution.
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