Business models of prop-shops?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I am seriously thinking of launching a prop-shop...

    Can somebody please shed some lights on the business model and economics of running a prop-shop...?

    And how to set up such a shop?

    Thank you!
  2. If you don't know the answer to this question, probably not a good idea.
  3. Roark


    This seems to be the business model of most of them:

    1) Find wanna-be traders with more money than brains and/or talent;

    2) Charge fees for training, software, and commissions, take a percentage of profits, and demand an up-front deposit;

    3) When wanna-be traders lose money trading, fire them, keep the rest of their deposit and look for the next sucker.
  4. Come on, lets focus on the good ones. Not the cheating ones...
  5. Maverick74


    Horrible business model now. You are about 10 years too late. You'll make more money owning a nail salon.
  6. Roark


    Name some good ones. The ones that get the most coverage here are Bright and SMB Capital (I'm not saying that they are good, only that that they get mentioned the most). Both have training fees. If you're serious about starting a good prop shop, a wise course of action would be to join a good one and observe first hand how it operates.

    Do you even know how to trade? If not, you're question is somewhat like a recent high school graduate asking how do I start a good brain surgery clinic.
  7. Okay please compare the cost and return of the two models.

    I don't rule out possibility of launching a nail salon or massage salon if it's more profitable...
  8. yeah I have experience in trading and I am actively trading everyday...
  9. Roark


    Why is neither the word successfully or profitably included in your response? Let me guess, your "experience in trading" is as a loser, which is the reason for your interest in starting a prop shop. Somewhat like the doctor whose experience is in killing patients during brain surgery, now wants to start a good brain surgery clinic.

    And if you are a competent trader that is actively trading everyday, why are you so clueless about the industry? You seem to be both stupid and lazy.
  10. Can we have Don Bight respond?
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