Business interruption insurance

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  1. Sig


    What is up with these bot posts! It's like they found the word "insurance" in the thread and then posted a random screed about insurance that has nothing to do with the actual discussion. This seems to be happening all over ET in the past 2 weeks, I've blocked at least 20 of them during that time and I think I had a grand total of 20 people on ignore for the several years I've been on ET up to now (one of whom is the same jackass with subsequent aliases).

    What exactly are they accomplishing with this?
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  2. newwurldmn


    Interesting observation.

    Our little company has a Facebook page and an employee posted a negative post about COVID. Since then it’s been inundated with bot posts of people pretending to be ex-employees but none them them ever worked at the company. It’s all similar styles of writing: a little off topic and a bit too stiff. Other companies in our locations have complained about the same issue.

    I wonder if Russia and other hackers are using the COVID to try to sow more discord
    in America.
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