Business cycle and IBD stock group ranking

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  1. In John Murphy's Intermarket Analysis and Martin Pring's The All-Season Investor books, the authors mentioned at different business cycle stages, different stock sectors perform better than others. I am wondering whether it is possible to use the IBD stock group ranking to identify which business cycle stage we are currently on? Is there anybody ever did an in-deep study of this issue by going back to the different business stage/ stock market stages and comparing the top performing sectors on the IBD news paper to the peak/bottom of those cycles?

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    Both Mr.Murphy & Mr O'Neill like long term charts for determing trend.

    Have found seasonals to be some help, not quite as helpful,as main trend help.

    However ,its not so many market crashes have happened in October.
    But AUG & OCT tend to be amoung the worst of the 2 or 3 months of them all for uptrends,better for downmoves,on
    Nasdaqqq & DOW[Jeff & Yale Hirsch]:cool: