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  1. A year ago a thread was started with this title but it didn't get that far.

    I need to have cards done(business or personal style). For a trader at home, what do you guys do? What title if any should one use?


    "Home Financial Derivatives Playa"? :D

    Ideas welcome. Thanks.
  2. nkhoi

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    Financial Advisor , of course.
  3. "A big time trader that doesn't really need a business card for an intro"
  4. frank99


    I'm pretty sure you need a Series 65 and have to be licensed to say your a Financial Advisor from what I understand. The rules depend on what state you're in, etc.

  5. frank99


    I'm brainstorming here, but what about:

    Financial Derivatives Position Manager

    Trader is ok, but then you'll have to explain that you're not a traitor. :)

  6. Aaron


    "Independent Investor" also explains why you don't have a company name on your business card. It also has a wealthy cachet lacking in "Trader".

    If I saw "Trader", my first question would be "What do you trade?" Oriental rugs? If you want to go with "trader" use either "Securities Trader" or "Commodities Trader". Not enough people know what futures are to use "Futures Trader".

    Anything more than two words for a title is puffery.

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
  7. "family office investor" has cachet in the right circles.

  8. Pimp

    Joe Danon - 212 355 1567


    Thats it. Traders are very highly looked upon job.
    2nd, keep your business card espically clean, the less the more

    I also run a business, but I'd rather tell people I am a TRADER.

    Cause its hot
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    Joseph W. Blough, BSD
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