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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by goodguy, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. goodguy


    what do u guys put on business cards when u work for a prop trading firm?

    Im getting business cards. i work as a proprietary trader. should i say independent trader or equity trader?

    i just started this job so im getting business cards. for my position: equity trader or independent trader. for those who know what prop trading is would best answer this question. to those who dont know what it is.. which sounds better to you. my card will have my name number and position. nice and simple. :)
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  3. 3 months you won't need the cards anyway. sad but true.
  4. These descriptives work for me.

    Wars fought, revolutions started, governments run, bridges destroyed, uprising quelled, revivals, bars emptied, virgins converted, orgies organized, teeth pulled, nymphs satisfied.

    In addtion to these services trade in counterfiet money, church supplies, racing forms, contraceptives, used cars, land, whiskey, manure, nails, fly swatters, whale bone, dirty pictures, shoe laces.
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    Equity Portfolio Manager
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    Invented Euro.
  7. mnx


    go with independent trader, or independent equities trader.... i like the ring of it myself.

    Not to mention that way people know you don't have clients or take investors money, and won't bother you by asking.

    - mnx