Bush's Policy Change Angers Palestinians

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  1. Man, how is this going to help fighting terrorism?
    bush just delayed the peace process by 5-10 yrs.
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    Noone even likes Palestinians, they are just a chess piece in the game between Israel and the Arab world. If there was no Israel, Palestinians would be tossed around till they died out by the other Arabs who consider Palestinians to be dogs.
  3. I agree, Jordanian prisons are full of them and if it wasnt for Israel they probably wouldnt have work either.

    thats not the issue that needs to be resolved though.
  4. Calling "Palestinians" "refugees" is a term that, for everyone else, has been reserved to first generation. They are the only ones who receive this designation, for political reasons, down multiple generations. What's more, Israel took in as many Arab Jewish refugees (when Arab Jews were being slaughtered, exiled, or at the least harshly persecuted-as they still are in many places) as "Palestinians" who left. And that is to say nothing of the fact that the good majority of "Palestinians" CHOSE to leave, and those that were scared or coerced into leaving did so due to Arab coercion. Israel can't help that "Palestinians," rejected by most Arab governments (but used as political tools), reproduce like rabbits. If Israel took these people in, it would be the end of that country. So obviously, this is never going to happen, and it is simply part of Arafat and the extremist agenda that nothing short of the destruction of Israel will do.
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    After seeing the Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9/11/01 I could care less about their plight.
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    You have no clue. Study history before you speak.
  7. You know what REALLY causes more Palestinian violence?
    Clinton/Rabin/Barak style appeasment.

    The 'Palestinian People' is a 20th century invention, whose only purpose as a (fake) distinct nationality is to destroy the tiny state of Israel.
  8. Obviously, the state of Israel is not a 20th century invention, right? You know what, intelligent people don't use arguments that can be used against them. Ask Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel prize winner in theoretical physics (for quarks), what he thinks about the state of Israel. He would tell you that this is a joke. Now, he is Jewish...
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    There will NEVER be peace between Isreal and the palestinians, so f*** 'em. The palestinians preach hate and violence, and aspire to become suicide bombers. These people actually believe they get 72 virgins and live in a place where there is a river of wine and a river of honey if they blow themselves up along with a bunch of innocent people. How can you be sympathetic for, and try to help people who do nothing to help themselves? They shouldn't get sh*t. The Isrealis are not without blame in their role in all of this, but everywhere you look there is some crazy Islamic f*ck, killing, or planning to kill innocent people. The militant muslim Sudanese are slaughtering innocent Christians in the Sudan, muslims killed 200+ people in Spain, muslims are arrested in England planning an attack, muslims detonate a bomb in Bali killing several people, muslims kill thousands on 9/11 right here in the US, etc., etc., etc.. So who's side should we take, the Jews, or the muslims? Is it really in our best interest to support these insane people? You really cannot argue that they are not crazy, look at the above examples.
    This is not Clinton's administration where we bend over for every piece of shit government while they f*ck us in the a**. There is no more appeasement.
    Thank you Bush.
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