Bush's Lie

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  2. Gore blasts Bush political ads as 'not worthy of the presidency'
    Tue Nov 25 2003 21:33:08 ET

    Former Vice President Al Gore told college students Tuesday night that the Bush administration is ``using fear as a political tool'' unworthy of the presidency.

    ``For the president of the United States to claim in a television ad that those who disagreed with the decision to go to war with Iraq are against attacking terrorists is a disgrace,'' said Gore, who lost the 2000 election to President Bush.

    ``It is a cheap and petty political tactic not worthy of the presidency. It is something you would find in a down-and-dirty sleazy campaign for city council,'' Gore added, drawing laughs from the partisan crowd at Middle Tennessee State University.

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  3. jem


    Arab ruler 101.

    Goering speech.

    Focus on Israel, Jews and the U.S.
    Keep all the oil money. Fly to liberal places, drink, gamble, whore and spend your money. Maybe even invest in U.S. stock market.

    Go home. Teach your people to hate the U.S. Team up with the clergy if you grip on power is weakening. Hate Jews and the U.S. even more.

    That is why we are hated---- not our foreign policy.
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  4. Let's see, I support our President's position regarding Iraq, believe in the right to bear arms (even though I don't own one), and I support the death penalty. This makes me a right-wing extremist? Hilarious. I thus estimate that about half of the US then is right wing and extremist. By your logic, the other half is undoubtedly Marxist to the core.

    No. I'm saying they couldn't do the job as well as regular military forces. Stop putting words in my mouth.

    Neither was I. Your original posting on this subject was muddled and unclear, but what's new?

    Careful, you're getting emotional again.

    Who are you, Dr. Spock? As far as the name calling and fallacies go, your posts are rife with them.

    Hardly. And apparently you are a gifted mindreader as well. You are indeed very, very special.

    Again, the characteristics you mention above describe you perfectly. Are you sure you did not begin this thread for introspective reasons?

    Anyways, unless I'm mistaken, 9/11 was largely a result of US troops being based on Saudi soil, which bin Laden saw as an affront to Islam. That and our wicked and decadent lifestyle. So, wise one, what manner would you like us to place blame on ourselves? How shall we direct this blame inward? Weren't our troops and equipment in Saudi as a result of Hussein's invasion of Kuwait? Ah yes, I forget, apparently our ambassador gave Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait. Sorry, I forgot my leftie training for a sec!

    And this whole decadent culture of ours - shame on us. How arrogant of us to pursue careers that allow us to provide for our own and to live a comfortable life! And we are so self-centered for considering our system of government comparitively fair and respectful of the average citizen. We need to transition to dictatorship ASAP. And how self righteous of us to believe all citizens have basic rights, including women. Let's all forget about capitalism and embrace Islamic fundamentalism. By accepting the blame we will understand why we are hated so much, and all our fellow citizens of the world will just leave us be. We all know anyway that Muslims never have conflicts with other Muslims, that it is a religion of peace, so of course we will be safe. Problem solved.

    As usual, taken out of context. And BTW, Hussein is a sadistic megalomaniac whose goal was to unite the Arabs under his leadership. Joke all you want about Bush, but you can't say the same thing about him. Last time I checked he wasn't letting his stooges rape women dragged off the street, invading Canada or Mexico, throwing Democrats or suspected Democrats or relatives of Democrats feet-first into grinding machines, or pocketing billions of dollars earmarked to feed his people.

    So it would be better for Bush to play principal and lambast his aides in public every time they have a disagreement with the lefties or get fed up with their baiting? Please, even you can see the foolishness of such an action.

    Exactly. Note how I began my first post with IMHO. Everything you have written is your opinion only as well. We're just two people with differing opinions. What separates us is that you fail to illustrate your opinons with examples and are loathe to respond to direct questions. Instead you ignore the core of the matter and spin off in tangents while spewing nonsensical psycho babble.

    Evasion is a key element of your modus operandi. Always has been, always will.
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  6. For an educated person, you still think denial is a river in Egypt:(
    No wonder US going to hell in hand basket:(
    Yer need to substitute few words with reality check.:D
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  7. Romeo


    in advance of his re-election win in 2004.

    George W. congratulations, you deserve it, for the excellent job you've done in the war on terrorism so far. We need you for 4 more years!

    We should thank our lucky stars every day Gore wasn't elected. I only shudder to think how close the terrorists would be to striking us again, if this buffoon were president.
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  8. I definitely whish Saddam Hussein was still in power and a dominant figure in the middle east....He did a great job of keeping peace in the middle east...Paying 50k to the families of suicide bombers in israel is really a good thing because it brings down the tension level and promotes good will...and invading Kuwait was actually just " tough love'.....the Kuwait people needed a strong big brother figure and Saddam helped provided that...The US is only after the OIL...saddam went into Kuwait because he cared....Also, sending Skud missiles into Israel repeatedly in a blatant attempt to start a holy war between arabs and Judeo/christians during the gulf war was just a way to put those jews in their place....It not like he's a terrorist or anything... Sure he made some mustard gas and some others but outside of gassing some very deserving kurds, he never used them on anyone else and he gave his word that he destroyed them all...I for one think we should leave Iraq immediately and let saddam to continue spread love and peace and hard love where necessary.

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  9. jem


    nolan vinny sam

    usually I put up post's here to see if someone has something I could learn from.

    What is wrong with my analysis?

    Do you want to review the leaders in the region and what they have done for their people?

    I put up a very simplistic statement, but I think in general it is very true.

    It seems to me the individuals when given a chance, like the U.S. (i.e. the man on the street in Iraq.)

    Tell me why I am wrong? It seems to me you live outside the U.S. I would value an educated differing point of view.
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  10. huh???what does your first sentence mean?:confused:

    ummmmm...why you assume I'm not living in the states?:confused: and what does it have to do with the previous posts?:confused: Are you ppl for real? or just pulling brainfarts all day long?
    Mavman passing them joints to you?:D :p Yer better stop before it's too late.:D :D
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