Bush's Lie

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  1. maxpi


    That's all they need to win elections because people vote against things much more than FOR things. After they are elected everything will be rosy because they will make no big decisions or do anything about terror that they could be criticized for.
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  2. If during the cold war, had we your mentality, we would have gone to war with the Soviet Union.

    Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed.
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  3. Come on now, grow a brain!
    try this
    DEFINE "WAR", inother words, what is "WAR"
    what dose it mean to conduct WAR.

    Pull your head out, and come to terms with what WAR means.
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  4. "Dose"? Maybe that explains your thinking. What is your dose?

    This is not the first time you have misused such complex single syllable words. Maybe a bit of education would temper your willingness to "kill everyone who hates us".

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  5. Daxtrader


    I agree, we are kept in fear. How long has it been since 9/11? Not a single act of terrorism committed since then. The rainbow alerts, the duct tape, osama's music videos, gimme a break. You think if we put up a $80,000,000,000 award instead of sending our soldiers to iraq, someone would have found those two?

    Harrytrader's conspiracy theories make more sense than this whole iraq nonsense.
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  6. What do you suggest, killing all Iraqis, or just the ones who are still fighting? How do you propose to find just the ones who are fighting us, that would improve on how the US is operating now?

    Be specific about who you really think we should be killing. It's the phrase "no matter who's in the way" that worries me because this could be friend or foe, and might even include so called allies like France if it is defined loosely enough.
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  7. pay no attention to romeo/sulong. :D the blinders are built in.:D

    bumya said it SO CLEAR for ALL to HEAR: Either you are with us or against us:eek: means he is the king, the ones who think otherwise are to be terminated. :mad: God I hope the draft gets signed. Trolls will disappear from this site overnight :D :D
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  8. You are correct,I spell words as they sound to me, I also use the spell check, go figure?

    I suggest you read my post again, the word to take note of is WAR.
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  9. Sorry, I had to run some errands.

    What I suggest is, if we can not fight this WAR to win it, we should come on home.

    If we choose to stay in irak and also choose to not to fight a WAR,
    then we need to call what we are doing something else.
    I'm not good with words,but maybe something like the "great irak extortion" or some such.
    Bottom line, WAR is not nice, it is horrible, if we as a nation can not be horrible, we have got to call this irak thing something else.

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  10. This is the same great president who waved at Stevie Wonder... but hey, as Satchemo said, "it's a wonderful world."
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