Bush's Legacy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HGTrader, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Seeing that he was willinging to fuck over his own party and his most loyal supporters for the sake of achieving something to hang his legacy upon.....I can only wonder if desperation will in the future compel Bush to resort to other foolish and risky ventures to leave some kind of "SUCCESSFUL" imprint in the sands of American or world history, before his time runs out.

    Can you imagine the psychological impact of being in such a powerful and public position and having much of the world think of you as being a colossally stupid person.....coupled with confirming major failure in the area's in which present day peoples and the history books will look at and judge your life upon......

    Will Bush and his ego, accept failure and risk being remebered as one of the worst US Presidents in its history(??), or will they take another stab or two, at reviving the fantasy dream of doing something that will bring historical greatness to President George Bush's name.

    Iran, be warned and hope my gut feeling is wrong. Dear intransigent Iran, George Bush's EGO needs and craves success, the way normal people need and crave air to breathe. And you belligerent Iran, are the most convenient path to providing G.B. with a pretext for some kind of success and name for his Legacy.
    If Bush cannot defeat you quickly with conventional weapons(plan A), listen carefully Iran.....Plan B.......will bring swift and immediate defeat to your nation......and you know very well what that means.