Bush's IQ is 125...Obamas is 116!!!

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  1. Bush is not a good speaker, which makes him appear dumber than he actually is. Not that he's all that smart, but IQ tests don't mean very much anyway.
  2. Yes, but unfortunately Bush only has three brain cells to spread that IQ across.
  3. I read the material at the link above. It's an idiotic piece of speculation based on the most partisan assumptions. Evidently whoever wrote it has some kind of learning disability.

    Now that the Republicans got their asses handed to them, it's very satisfying to see them running around spouting garbage like this in a futile attempt to make themselves feel better. Face it, right-wing whackos; GWB put such a stink in your party, a black guy beat the shit out of you at a time when any Republican candidate should have been able to win the election trailing a string of morals convictions.
    It doesn't get any better than this in a post which purports to run down Obama's IQ. You just couldn't make this stuff up. I wonder what the actual ratio of congenital idiots to just plain whackos in the Republican extreme right actually is.
  4. When you amass your data, how will you account for hybrids?
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    You are a hopeless fool.

    TraderNik covered this nicely but just to put my own two cents in, Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. They don't hand those out on affirmative action, you have to earn it. And working hard isn't good enough, you have to work smart as well. If you honestly believe Obama was just a mediocre affirmative action case going in and a top scholar coming out, I'm glad we have the opportunity to glean YOUR effective IQ from your posts: 80, tops.

    As far as Bush's alleged high IQ goes, stupid is as stupid does. A score on a test is not the same as performance in real life. No honest historian is going to rank Bush among our smarter Presidents, much less among our overall better Presidents.
  6. +1

    And by the way, if you really believe that the semi-literate Bush scored higher on the SAT than Obama, you're...well, you're someone who would write 'congradulations'.
  7. Fool me once, shame on you...

    Can't get fooled again.

    And don't forget lawsuits make it harder for OBGYN's to practice their love...
  8. Obama is a bright guy but you can rest assured on two points. Given his almost Orwellian-or is it P.T. Barnum- penchant for self promotion if his I.Q. or undergrad performance at Columbia was Earth-shattering you'd know the skinny.
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