Bush's economy is strong and getting stronger

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    That would be true if the underclass was permanent, but its not. People transition. My first job was min wage ($1 an hour). That lasted about 6 months. I think I had one other job at min wage. Both while in HS. I have yet to meet anyone who has had a min wage job for their entire life.
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  2. Non-farm payroll added less jobs than expected and consumer sentiment headed lower in January. Sure the economy is strong and getting stronger. :confused:
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  3. I don't know why this is, maybe because you listen to right wing radio too much, but people who are not just starting their work life are also struggling to be able to make enough to live...

    Shoot, I would think you would want people (white Americans at least) to have lots of babies to replenish American with Americans...many hard working people simply can't afford to have kids. Think about consequences of a society that cannot afford to have children...

    Consumerism? Let's see, who is to blame for consumerism in America today?

    Who has been preaching that consumers should go without?

    It is not as if the corporations or government ever suggested living modestly and curbing the spending appetite.

    Banks? They are the first to issue a credit card to anyone.

    Madison Avenue and the advertisers?

    I know it ultimately comes down to personal responsibility, but when society pushes consumerism as the primary value in life, looks to Wall Street like as some religious temple, suggesting borrow and spend is the solution to all problems...

    Well, you may get the point...but I doubt it.

    The issue is systemic in a country that prizes material possessions, lots of them, and new ones, as a way of life.

    In the past, a wife could actually stay at home and raise children, now very very few can actually afford to do this, even those who live modestly.

    No, society has to share part of the blame for the way American is today, and the focus on purchasing things as a path to happiness.

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  4. I think you need a class on debating. I responded directly to your statement of "virtually full employment". And you respond with that?

    Everyone can go whore themselves out for $1 a pop on the corner as well. So in that sense, every nation is in full employment at all times. Thailand is a perfect example.
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  5. If there's such demand for dollar blowjobs that all whores are "filled" and if a dollar blow job can buy essentials, then Thailand has "virtually full employment."

    Just because someone can't get the job they want or the job they once had is not in itself an indictment of employment opportunity.

    I used to be a floor trader. My job was eliminated through technology. (the Bonds was one of the first pits to go) I'm fully cognizant that I'll NEVER earn trading on the screen what I made in the pit. Popular ex-floor trading gigs are limo driving, selling used cars, bartending ect.

    Should Bush be blamed for the plight of traders? In a country where illegals stream in and find work do you find it plausible when one says, "I can't find a job." If one job doesn't afford you luxury then work two jobs.

    For American consumers who buy the bulk of their goods from abroad to lament the loss of formally high paying jobs to overseas competition is laughable....
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  6. ===============
    Pa Prime;
    part of your accurate points included humor. Agree

    Didnt agree with Pres Bush on his USA ports management;
    and the Democrats & USA overuled him on that::cool:

    Disagree with the mainstream media idea[past] Pres Clinton or President Bush was or is responsibilile for economy.

    And dont really care whether mainstream media- Hillary Clinton admits they are wrong [cuts loss] concerning winning the war in Iraq.Who says we arent winning in Iraq;
    the enmies of Israel are fighting each other in Iraq.Who says thats not a win/WIN situation???????

    showed again recently how the mainstream media again gets it all wrong again about USA savings rate.

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