Bush's Accounting

Discussion in 'Politics' started by topguntrader, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. I love how Bush is running out and starting so many great committee and programs for our great nation.... His latest is a corporate watchdog board.....

    Give me f'sjdsj''n break..... Hypocrisy reins supreme in US gov.. Lets take a look at the white house's accounting..... I thing at this juncture the US government's fiscal discipline would make WorldCom look like Microsoft.... All those congressmen that were grilling Bernie Eberts are just as guilty as him...

    Stop the madness let capitalism run its course..

    Incedentally,,, Bush has never ran a profitable company.. All the companies and orginizations he ran and worked for lost tons of money...(ie the Texas Rangers)..

  2. I'm beginning to think that Bush will become the Jimmy Carter of the Republican party. (Only deep down Carter was actually a bright guy, but also a lousy president).

    If another Repub doesn't get elected for 12 years, it may be worth it.

    Things are really going to melt down (read "crash") when Bush and Cheny start getting indicted.
  3. Please, bungie, not another leftist rant. Carter is not only not bright, he's a traitor and should be locked up. Give it up.
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    Ahhh... Carter is a "traitor"...please explain? Please?
    Or is this just fact because you want it to be, like Clinton taking a bribe from Marc Rich?

    PS: Are you old enough to remember that the hostages in Iran were released the day of Reagan's inauguration? And why? So Carter was a "traitor", yet Reagan traded with the "enemy". Maybe you don't know about the Iran-Contra deal.

    Again, say whatever you want to believe, but don't take yourself too seriously unless you have facts to base your statement on, you "rightist winner"
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    Yeah, but how did W. himself do with the Rangers? One of the alltime great "trades". Buy low, get the taxpayers to build a new stadium for you, sell high!