Bush's $87 Billion Mess: Waste, Chaos and Cronyism

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    What Will Iraq Cost Bush?

    Even administration insiders are starting to worry about how the war will affect the president’s re-election chances. In New Hampshire, the omens aren’t reassuring.

    By Howard Fineman
    Nov. 3 issue —

    Hilary Cleveland of New London, N.H., goes way back with the Bush family.

    Her late husband, James Colgate (Jimmy) Cleveland, was a Republican in Congress, where his paddle-ball partner in the House gym was George H.W. Bush.

    Hilary served on the Andover board with Barbara Bush and was finance chair of Bush’s primary campaign in New Hampshire in 1980. She organized locally for George W. in 2000.

    But the other day, upset over the war in Iraq, she left the Republican Party, changing her registration to “undeclared” so she could vote for Dr. Howard Dean in the Democratic primary in January.

    “You don’t go to war without valid reason,” she said, “or international support.” Bush’s call for $87 billion in new spending on Iraq offended her Yankee sense of thrift: “I believe in fiscal integrity and balanced budgets, and spending so much doesn’t seem sound.”


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  2. I like the latest round of propaganda from the Bush camp showing Iraqi atrocities committed on tape. They're trying to justify the Iraqi quagmire from a morally just perspective. The problem is that those atrocities are pretty tame compared to the ones done by African, Serbian and North Korean governments (to name a few) against their people and the US did absolutely nothing. You can't just pick and choose when to be morally just. You have to be consistent. Pretty hypocritical...