Bush's 21500 extra troops request rejected

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  1. You know I am not in the least surprised that GW Bush is so unpopular even among his own party.
    He was at most a Neo-con puppet with a pre-programmed agenda dreamed up by Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and discredited right wing think tanks.

    Pity that thousands of Americas finest young people have died and tens of thousand are permanently fucked up from being in a war zone.
    How sad....What a waste!
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    This whole issue of Iranian arms in Iraq is horse manure.
    There is no way the Iranian government can fully control the long border with Iraq. Smaller shipments of arms will find their way across, without the involvement of the Iranian government. Both sides of the border are inhibited by people that belong to the same religious group. They simply move, sell, buy and exchange.

    Bush is simply searching for a scapegoat to blame the losses on and he is reluctant to point his middle finger toward his own neo-cohens.

    As far as the US congressional “opposition” to a future Iran war is concerned: It is just another pile of the same smelly stuff: If they really wanted to stop the retard from attacking Iran they could find a hundred different ways to do that. They are putting up an act.
  3. Seems like you have been missing your wake up coffee for the last several years.

    Iran made a direct attack on the US Dollar. Did almost the same exact thing Saddam did back in 2000. They are not a scapegoat, they are a target. So was Iraq.

    US is going to War with Iran. Unless they can destabilize it with a very clever & covert operation. Doubt that would happen though, CIA certainly has not been able to pull it off in the last few conflicts.

    The alternative can be much much worse.
  4. A symbolic vote...the troops are going anyway. More useless pandering to the TV camera.
    I saw a poll this morning that said 2/3 of Americans want the war over, and 2/3 Americans do NOT support funding cuts. How typically American. We want it both ways. Well kiddies, we can't have it both ways. We either go full steam ahead, or pull out now. I'm for pulling out now because any opportunity for a real victory is long gone, if there ever was an opportunity at all. We lose again. Moral of the story...don't go to war expecting to find an enemy that will lay down the first time you bloody his nose.
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    The title of this thread is so misleading that I'm guessing a518629 is an AP reporter.
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    A symbolic vote...the troops are going anyway. More useless pandering to the TV camera.

    Politicians are most useless, worthless garbage of human beings. Imagine if just 70% of country went to work "symbolically" only.
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    It should be no shock to anyone that the current gang of Washington Politicians (in both parties) would find a non binding resolution meaningful. Many of them consider the vows and promises they take to their husband/wives and children to be non-binding.
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    The Democrats have to keep their voting base of anti war ideologues happy so they make a non-binding resolution!! They probably know that the ideologues are dumb enough to buy into that being actually meaningful.....

    These anti-war people... what were they doing before 9-11 to avert an attack?? Doodely squat I would venture, then they pop up like wind up toys as soon as action has to be taken.
  9. imo iran's token gesture against the dollar probably has almost no impact. wouldn't you agree that bush's unprecedented spending acceleration and helicopter liquidity policy have broken the camel's back if anything has
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