Bush's 2007 Budget

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  1. In its early budget analysis, the CBPP identifies cuts to hundreds of programs. Among those targeted for elimination:

    • The Commodity Supplemental Food Program, which provides food packages for some 400,000 low-income seniors.

    • Section 811 housing for low-income people with disabilities, which would face a 50 percent cut.

    The Bush White House says...there are other ways to help the poor, such as through programs supported by Bush's faith-based initiative.

    So poor people have to go to church if they want to eat?


    "Religion is the only thing keeping the poor from killing the rich."
  2. We need money to fund the war on terror and billions more to rebuild Iraq. To hell with the people here, if Bush does not save us from the terrorists life will not be worth living. Orange alerts are scary, I try not to leave the house.
  3. Careful. Anything critizing Bush/Neo-con policies, usually causes (economics) relative threads to be thrown in the ChitChat bin.
  4. ^ or worse.
  5. I am a fan of teaching a man to fish.....rather than giving him a fish. We need to put more into helping people help themselves.
  6. I agree with you thinking, interestingly enough I have heard it actually costs more to teach people to fish then to give them a fish because you need people to admin the fish training program and that costs money.

    Bush is going to go down in history as the most fiscally irresponsible President in history.

    Clinton wasn't perfect, and yes I voted for the Texas clown the first time, but atleast he didn't run wild with the wallet.

  7. The organizations are structered inefficiently, and that's why it costs more. What we really need is a new approach, one that streamlines the administration and focuses on getting results....real results.

    There has been some progress made in public education where new charter schools are working on budgets 1/3 the size, on a per student basis, and getting better results. These are the kinds of things that need to happen. And they need to be propagated through all government programs.

    As taxpayers, it's time we throw another tea party.
  8. You are an idiot, Sir! What part of the "disabled and elderly low income part" you have problem with? I would like to teach you and your ilk to fish, with a Sicilian anchor to boot.
  9. Thanks...I appreciate the compliment....coming from you that means so much to me.

    Disabled does not mean helpless.....elderly does not mean helpless!

    Now why don't you take the anchor of yours and shove it up your ass!

    Do some research on the countless outreach programs, that don't, I repeat...don't require one to go to church to take advantage of them. (meals on wheels is on of them)
  10. You are getting great Karma with your love and compassion, I just envision you when you'll have no friends, wife and kids and sitting in a dark room and dying of cancer. Surely most people even your kids will leave a miserable, mean spirited bastard like you.
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