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    Who are you going to vote for?

    I know there is a bunch of Ron Paul supporters on ET. What if there was an Obama/Paul ticket? Would this make you comfortable voting for Obama? Is this realistic? I don't follow politics enough to know what/how Obama and Paul differ, but it seems like Paul has the independent and swing votes locked up.
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  3. Tax cuts while running budget deficit should be a crime.
  4. I agree with one exception, during recessions. Since government data show no two consecutive quarters of GDP growth, it should be illegal indeed!

    Whatever happened to the conservative government of LESS government spending and small government. It's now more bigger than ever.
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    Bush is the Anti - Christ.

    I am 110% convinced he sold you all out, so his oil company constituents could get filthy rich beyond belief.
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    Last time I checked there were billions of dollars invested by the general public in pension funds. Most of which hold big oil...
  7. Ron Paul, former independent, is presently Republican. It's just not logical that he would be Obama's running mate, but it would be very interesting.

    As to who I will vote for, I am undecided. It won't be McCain as I see that as a continuation of the Bush dynasty. I can't see a republican winning this election unless Bush starts another war so he can scare everyone into voting Republican like he did last time.
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    So whats that called ?

    Dribble down economics ???

    Holy cow that's a backwards, thing to say !
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    What facts do you have to back this up? you must have something to be 110% convinced.
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