Bushels per acre

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  1. Anyone know how many bushels per acre farmers get from corn, beans, wheat or even cotton? Thanks in advance.
  2. 40 years ago corn was running about 80 Bushels Per Acre.
    Today around 160 average. 200+ is very common
    With the DuPonts and Monsanto's of the world...300 is not too far off.

    Soybeans are around 40 BPA.

    With todays prices, crop farmers are doing quite well in comparison to other years. The farmers are the only ones keeping the building contractors busy in my area...and they still get the generous (welfare-subsidy) checks.


    I know nothing about wheat or cotton
  3. Wheat is ~70 bushels per acre while cotton is ~1,000 pounds per acre, (Two 500-pound bales).
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    is there anything that ET fellows doesn't know?
  5. country average is 40s for beans and 150s for corn most years.
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    my dad's farm has been getting around 20bpa on their soybeans this year. with the lack of rain in our area this summer it's not that shocking. 40 seems a little high to average for soys, but I guess not everyone grows their crops on clay...

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  7. Yields in Iowa/Illinois/Indiana tend to dwarf those in the South.