Bushama helping to big to fail become even too bigger to fail.

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  1. Small banks are being allowed to fail and disappear while Bushama continues the Bush policy of propping up the TBTF zombie banks with taxpayer money. Over time as more and more independent banks dissapear the only thing left will be the huge monster entities that will be even bigger than ever and much too big to fail x2.

    All Bushama is doing is kicking the can down further and the next bear market that will happen will make this one look like a small blip.

    I see hyperinflation in the future as The dollar is being diluted to help artificially prop up housing/property prices way above fair market values and as we print more and more dollars so the Super TBTF entities can continue to privatize gains while socializing losses to Middle class americans.

    When Hyperinflation strikes it is not going to be something that ramps up over time, it will just hard and out of no where just like when the housing bubble popped.

    Then you will hear the TV pundits saying how no one saw this and that this kind of stuff cannot be predicted, etc.. etc.. While a loaf of bread costs 10 dollars and a gallon of gas 12 bucks.

    I am VERY BEARISH on America and the USD.
  2. thats not such a big deal. In many developed countries, like Singapore a gallon of gas already costs 12 bucks
  3. It is a bigger deal in America because of how we transport goods and Americans use lots of fuel to drive to and from suburbia and work. High gas prices in the US will have disastrous consequences. The US spends little money improving its transportation/rail infrastructure because we are too busy blowing up other lands so then we can rebuild the same lands back and spending a shit load being the worlds police while the world gets all the benefits of our policing without paying one red cent for it.

    The US is a net exporter of war and debt, net importer of goods and services. NOT sustainable.
  4. Actually I think it will be disastrous for large companies like walmart, target and other major national companies. On the other hand though, many people will be able to start small businesses making things to sell locally, like homemade dishsoap, toothpaste, food, ect. Because people make it locally, it will not cost much to transport it so it will be much cheaper than these large companies can sell their products for. So in a way, many people will actually be able to make a living manufacturing this stuff. High gas prices is probably a good way to get our manufacturing base going again. And if we got that going, then our money might actually be worth something again if we havent already gone to using gold/silver.