Bushama caught like deer in headlights with Afghanistan.

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  1. He was elected by folks tired of perpetual war and spending taxpayer money blowing up the middle east only to rebuild it and then police it for life.

    Now Iraq is blowing up on his face with increasing violence as well. All Obama did was move the chess piece.

    Bushama has to fish or cut bait, the problem is he cannot cut bait since military industrial complex expect permawar and cutting bait means no payoff for himself down the line.

    But at the same time he needs two terms to fully maximize his bribe income, (4 years of bribe money is nowhere as good as 8)

    What to do what,ohh what to do Bushama.
  2. He has a few good options.

    1) He can make an appearnace on Jay Leno.

    2) Invite Al Jazeera for a round of beer pong.

    3) Talk about health care.
  3. I think he chose #3 :) All the news channels are busy with #3
  4. Obama's been pretty busy golfing. It's a time consuming game...

    A Tweet from CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller confirms:

  5. Lucrum


    ...or an empty suite narcissist caught in the spotlight...

    BTW, has Odumba appointed his teleprompter czar yet?
  6. Although you do have to hand it, Bushama at least seems to be smart enough to use a teleprompter.

    Bush should have done the same and maybe wear a suit to work sometimes.
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  8. LOL no teleprompter and he sounds like Bush.