Bush was right after all

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    "What does this tell us about Mr Kim and about political adventurism in general? The North Koreans have indicated they don’t think much of the Obama crowd, they see America’s resolve as weakening. They have also paid a left-handed compliment to Mr Bush —acknowledging he put the fear of god into them."
  2. We have seen the vindication of Bush on several fronts. We have seen Obama's policies fail on several fronts already. Not even 6 months in and it is apparent that Obama is a light-weight. As time goes on, we will see Obama as a failure and it will be crystal clear that Bush, although being far from perfect, was a visionary President whose policies benefited America and other freedom loving countries of the world.
  3. Kim blasted nukes and fired missles while Bush was President

    Kim devopobed nukes while Bush was President

    In the end Bush paid Kim off to behave himself

    Obama isn't paying Kim shit.Kim said that if any UN resolutions were passed for firing missiles and blasting nukes that he would take it as an act of war and retaliate.New sanctions were passed against N.Korea lead by The US and Kim didn't do shit

    Bush was right ? I guess paying Kim off to stop making trouble is tougher then standing up to him and calling his bluffs

    Korea didn't have a nuclear arsenal 8 year ago,Korea's nukes were mostly developed under tough guy Bush,Now Obama is the one who has to deal with another problem left to him bu Bush
  4. LOL, how is Obama standing up to Kim?? lol
  5. I think he offered him some tea!?

  6. 1.By not paying Kim off....LIKE BUSH DID

    2.By forcing the UN,Including China and Russia,to pass new sanctions against Kim even though Kim said if any new sanctions were passed he would take it as an act of war and retaliate.Kim bluffed,Obama called it

    Question for you.How is Bush paying Kim off to behave himself standing up to him ? How is Kim developing nukes while Bush was President a positive for Bush ?
  7. Bush offered him Fuel,money and food to be a good boy.

    Great tactic by tough guy Bush.Pay the bully off to make him stop picking on you
  8. Obama's tactics are working great! lol
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  10. It will end the cycle of Kim causing trouble and threating war to get money from the US

    Maybe you're in favor of letting Kim threaten war and detonate nukes every few years to get more and more money from the US,I'm not
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