Bush Warns of WWIII

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    But if we get rid of the central banks, how will we get all this "money" to fight TERRORIST, and invade countries. I don't think you have thought this through all the way.
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  2. You can't 'nuke' Afghanistan, not at least to solve the problem there. If you solved that problem by nuking Afghanistan you wouldn't be able to breadth the air for another 20 years, in the USA!

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  3. So, in what way did Bush' approach prevent thinks like this happening? I'm almost certain that the number of islamistic terrorist attacks has 10-folded at least, since the 'heads on' approach started. As predicted by many.

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  4. Ask Hillary, she agreed with the war.

    Taliban and Iraq were never joined in any way. Get your facts strait.

    Iraq was, is, and will be strategic for our interests period. Saving kids...whatever. We nee dto be in that part of the world with a heavy hand...that is what history will show.

    The world is a shitty place and if you have never been abroad or worked with shitty people who wish to kill you, you can have your happy peace-nick opinion while sipping a latte.

    There are those taking care of you.

    Don't "feel sorry" for the men and women of the armed forces. It is a VOLUNTEER military.....dumbass. Most of them do not want sympathy, just a UNITED FRONT.

    If you think you can "support the troops but not the war"...you are not supporting the troops....dumbass.
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    Seriously guys, just watch what the US were before in World Wars( true liberators, thank you... ) and what it is now... I know we didn't have 9/11 in my country but see what this moron is doing...

    ( coming from a foreign but true US friend )
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  6. Why would the US start World War III?
    Is America under any imminent catastrophic danger?
    What? You mean like Saddam's WMD's? Riiiiiiiight.
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  7. Typical chickenhawk reactionary response. Using name calling as a primary defense technique instead of discussing like a rational person would.

    I was in the service. Joined the USMC under the delayed entry program when I was 17 in highschool. 4 years honorable discharge. When did you serve? And if this "war" means that much to you why dont you serve?

    I am not a Dem or Repub...i`m just a patriot that wants the best for all of us.

    If you want to discuss this like an adult I would enjoy that. If not you can do me a favor and go fuck yourself.
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    Bush's comments re: WWIII
    "If Tehran builds a nuclear weapon"... "wishs to eleminate Isreal"...

    IF (big IF) Tehran builds a Nuclear Weapon. many, many years away from that possiblity, but yes, if they develop nuclear (peaceful) power, and with a little help from their friends, they ~may~ be able to build a nuke.

    But I fail to equate the elimination/destruction of Isreal with WWIII. ...should Iran actually build, or come into posession of a nuclear weapon, and actually use it to harm Isreal, how is that WWIII? Isreal already HAS nukes, and will turn Iran into glass. Done, over, no need for other countries, or governments to get involved. Game over for Iran and/or Isreal, no WWIII, as there would be absolutley no point. Why would the US, or any other ally of Isreal, fire their nukes at Iran, when Iran is nothing more than a brittle glass shell of its former self after Isreal has already used its OWN nukes to destroy it?
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  9. Honored...that is the word, truly honored to have GW Bush as our President...we need the "like" in office from 2008 onward...very serious post and no joking!...he has done a great job...bottomline, do not want to even think of what the world would have been like had Al Gore (internet inventor) been in office on September 11, 2001...
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  10. Well what if it was just a wee nuke?
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