Bush Warns of WWIII

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Joab, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. tyler19


    Oh yeah I forgot, They hate us because we have "freedom"
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  2. Who say's it's about US. It's global dude. Get a clue.
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  3. Your history is as short as your IQ. You think radical islam started with Bush.

    Fucking idiot.....your professor likes it in the ass as well.

    Do a search on Pershing in the philippines.
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    I've wondered whether Bush will give up power in Jan 09 if a dem wins the White House or if he will use some obscure clause that Alberto Gonzalez inserted into the Patriot Act to remain the "Leader."
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  5. Iran having a nuke might be seen as a good thing from a certain viewpoint.

    Look at this scenario...

    Iran fires a nuke towards Israel... so Israel fire a nuke into Iran... but the C.I.A. have tweaked the co-ordinates of the Iranian missile and so it flies off course.... into Iraq.
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  6. Hmmmm....WW3

    US annihilates Taliban in Afghanistan in retaliation for September 11th. (timeline could have stopped right here)

    US invades the sovereign nation of Iraq with no ties to the Taliban at all on the premise they are hiding/creating WMD`s. (where are they anyway?) This event has squashed any sympathy the world had for the 9/11 attack for the USA..which would have been 100 times better for the ant-terrorist movement.

    Iran sends troops and weapons over the border thereby going on the offensive. They know Bush has his beady little eyes on them next. (what would we do if Canada was invaded..sit on our hands..I think not)

    Turkey considering sending troops over into Iraq...which may bring in the Greeks???

    Russia aiding the turks???


    I have no idea whats next. But its getting uglier everyday.

    The question is why did we go to Iraq in the first place. Neocon hidden agenda? Christian fundamentalist movement? A war never meant to be won but simply sustained to benefit the defense and oil industry?

    The money we have spent in Iraq so far could have been well spent on our own border security. And deflecting any more possible homebased attacks.

    I feel sorry for the men and women of our Armed forces that are suffering from this all time fuck up.
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    I never said it started with Bush.

    Good thing were in Iraq, Afghanistan, soon Iran, maybe Pakistan. We are really sticking it to em!
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    Best Case Scenario.
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  9. Well, I guess that would mean Iran fires two nukes and with a little help, would sort out Afgahnistan...
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  10. Some day this will be true, we need to get rid of the dammm central banks,their the problem.
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