Bush wants Soldiers Thumping Mexicans

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Batterup, May 13, 2006.

  1. Bush wants national guard troops manning the Mexican border.

    This surely is another in a string of drawing straws in hopes of pulling off the coming congressional election. If indeed Bush deployed NG (no guts) troops along the border, as soon as the election was over they would be sent home.

    Let me see if i got this right. First he nominates an active duty general to head the CIA, now he wants to deploy the military along the border as an election B-ravo S-ierra trick.

    This administration is out of control. They are determined to follow up on destruction of the middle east as it has been known throughout history. Bush post it note: "I heard from the lord that i am the new king".

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  2. Sadly, there is no viable alternative to Bush and Republcans. Democrats are just as bad or worse on every issue.
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    And your solution, Hog?
  4. I wonder if this time, they'll try more anti-intellect, pre-election fearmongering tactics, via the "color" coded, elevated threat level ALERTS.
  5. Suddenly, after six years in office Bush has noticed there is a problem on the border? So serious that he must dispatch NG troops there? LOL. Why not just hire more Border Patrol guards? Or deputize the Minutemen?

    A skeptic might say he was trying to placate the incandescent anger of the conservative base, even as he conspires to sneak through an amnesty bill. How long do you think those troops will be there after they get their amnesty through?
  6. Reduce demand and supply will naturally dwindle.

    5,000 troops on the border is a joke. 5,000 IRS agents dispatched to "thump" every business employing illegals says that you mean serious business.

    But of course, we all know that it would take Dubya to actually want to solve the problem.