Bush wants $50 billion more for Iraq

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  1. The revised supplemental would total about $200 billion, indicating that the cost of the war in Iraq now exceeds $3 billion a week.


    sell_dollars - they bail out everyone no chance for shorts
  2. someone needs to get bush a guillotine.
  3. No worries mate...just print them.
  4. clacy


    I am VERY conservative, that is why I think Bush is one of the worst Presidents ever.
  5. does anyone in washington have the guts to stop this guy? It seems everyone is scared that rupert will mysterously find some dirty laundry if they go up against the executive branch.

    Reminds me of the J Edgar Hoover days....
  6. With all the money we spent, couldn't we just give it to the eye-rakis? I'm sure they would stop blowing stuff up if we dropped a couple hundred mill on their neighborhoods.
  7. Word up!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah, Why do we need to spend another $50 billion when the country can't even find the other 50 that's missing. We should fly over in helicopters and drop a few billion so that everyone appreciates us. I'm pretty sure 99% of the people would stop fighting and start spending like us.
  9. Hit up enough Wal-marts and this 50billion will be paid off in NO time..


    Something is going down....
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    do you think bush & co.s r already siphoning out the oil steadily out of iraq already, else how r they going to recoup all the sunk costs ?
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