Bush Undermines Auto Negotiations

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Finally, the Senate Republicans develop some backbone and demand concessions from the UAW that would at least give the automakers a fighting chance of being viable. Of course the union refused, showing how likely they will be to make concessions when negotiating with an obama administration. What does Bush do? Lets it be known they the adminstration will step in anyway to prevent bankruptcies, effectively pulling the rug out from under the Senate Republicans. So now the UAW can play hardball, secure in the knowledge that Bush has backstabbed his own party. And for what? To save a union that has spent billions opposing him and his party.

    This administration cannot end soon enough. Stupid and arrogant are a bad combo.
  2. I agree with you in a couple of statements but I must say that this administration is actually trying to help the automakers, they’ve had a lot of opportunities to show that the loan was viable.
  3. I'm afraid I must disagree with you on this issue. Republicans had their opportunity to show some backbone on the original bailout. Instead they chose to go along with the scam. They are now more than a little disingenuous to say they're voting the wishes of their constituents when those opposing the original bailout was running 10/1. What's the current opposition against auto bailout...60/40 at best?
    The arguments they make don't pass the sniff test. The 73 bucks an hour bullshit and all the rest of the complaints are completely irrelevant. I don't care if it's 173 bucks an hour. When CITI got a 20 Billion deal done over a weekend, no questions ask, that cast the die. GM should have had a check cut for the asking. Period!
    All arguments are just a smoke screen in an attempt to cover up the original scam in which Paulson took care of his buddies in the banking system.
    Further, if the taxpayers, aka working stiffs, have to pay for this, then should not the working stiffs benefit the most? If I have a choice between giving money wall street bankers or any blue collar worker...well, I'm sure you know who I'd tell to go fuck themselves.