Bush Torture Memo Approved Use of Insects For Torture

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. This was kind of a slippery slope wasn't it? If you can use insect, what is preventing you from infecting the guy with malaria? or something more deadly or debilitating? How about botulism or leprosy?
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    In all honestly I'm surprised the CIA even asked....
  3. If an honest study is done, I am sure it is possible to prove that politicians have the most craziest sexual fantasies, and most of those fantasies comprise of envisioning things such as rape, brutal force and torture, that's one reason why they enforce the policies they enforce
  4. Republican perverts.
  5. why delete my post, you consider it wrong to degrade authority? do you understand the misery empowering an entity and forcing respect towards them brings? rules and laws are one subject but forcing respect towards those who make or execute those laws is another subject, the pain and suffering silencing has brought upon mankind through out history is incomparable to any other cause

    respect is something each entity should gain through his own acts and thoughts, it is not something that should be forced onto others

    you know, TSA attracts and hires some of the lowest and most disgraceful people of the society, these people demand respect through force but yet are very rude towards passengers, when people post complaints on the TSA website, instead of trying to address the issue, they delete it, if they want respect they can obtain it by doing a better job at management and hiring people who value respect, not by focusing on trying to create another job for another low life citizen

    this is just another double standard in america, if respect is not valuable why force it upon others where you can, if it is a value then pursue it