Bush to speak at 10 AM tomorrow

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  1. So at 10 AM tomorrow, market plunges.
  2. He parachutes into Wall Street, and declares ECONOMIC MISSION accomplished.
  3. the bottom will be most likely set tomorrow after his speech: 10% below from the current level.
  4. rc5781


    have you ever wondered why he comes out and says something that obviously will not help the market?

    kind of like when they accuse terrorists of having secret messages in their communications...
  5. he is buying at the lower level.
  6. rc5781


    i'm not even joking...kind of like when bird flu was all of a sudden a huge issue...and how people in his administration owned biotech stock that jumped because of this...
  7. thank goodness we are all saved.

    that or he is going to pull his mask off mission impossible style and it's going to be osama bin laden
  8. mokwit


    No please, anything but George Dufus Bush telling us that "...our financial institutions are strong..."

    Is there really no provision in the Constitution for removing a President who is clearly insane as evidenced by the clinical level dissociation from reality?
  9. how much harm can he really do in the last 3 months?

    A LOT!
  10. TT1


    Agreed. IMHO

    Either during or just after Bush's speech with the Dow down 200,300, or 400 ,Paulson will buy 40,000 Big SP 500 Futures Contracts!!!!

    Heading into a 3 day weekend Paulson/Bush will not want a huge down close. On Tuesday Paulson will again be there in Chicago buying SP Futures.

    Im buying.

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