Bush to reclasssify FAST FOOD jobs from service to manufacturing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Casey30, Feb 29, 2004.

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  2. Lol. I doubt it will happen. But even if it does I don't think anyone in the states where manufacturing is most important -- and the rust belt is probably going to decide this election -- is going to buy or like it.
  3. Yes, the same administration that promised to deliver us 2.6 million new and then scaled that back to, uh, "I'm not a statistician" - has come up with a more foolproof way of creating jobs: Just reclassify the old ones.

    Hilllarity, it's hillarious that a rational thinker would vote for such a buffoon, idiot, moron, incompetant, selfish brainwashed religious zealot: GWB.

    Or the plebians that are voting for Bushee aren't smart but are: buffoons, idiots, morons, incompetants, selfish brainwashed religious zealots. Analogy: ducks flock with ducks.

    And if this is true about the reclassification, not a joke, then life under Bushee is a corny hallucination. Or if this is true, not a joke, then life under Bushee remains as illogical as it has been.

    I don't wonder why our very own ET god-believers are so dumb, they have the president of the US to share their illogic and offer reassurance.

    My compliment is, I would probably preffer any ET idiot over Bush.
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    Aren't you the same guy who's too stupid to get his families money invested out of the Rand. Can you even vote here? How the fuck did you get in the U.S.? Wasn't France looking for some Kremlin worshipers like you?
  5. sorry if I insulted you. Nothing personal, just stating my opinion.

    I don't think there is a correlation between rand to dollar conversion and bush stupidity. Bush stupidity is legal, rand to dollar conversion is illegal.

    A dichotomy perhaps, and quite far fetched.

    By the way, correct your typo: family's (not families).
  6. Yes I'm that guy that doesn't have the necessary power of attorney to make the bold decisions required to get my family's money out of SA. Among other reasons. But the economy in SA is apparently improving, so maybe we are better off just leaving the money there for now.

    Your Kremlin-France sentence: Are you serious?

    I guess you should be insulted by my post about stupid Bush supporters because you seem stupid enough to believe in god and Bush.
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    Aren't they one and the same.
  8. I'm actually kind of upset that I insulted you Pabst because I enjoy reading your posts. And I think you've given me guidance on a few issues before. Sincerely.

    I'm strongly anti-religion and anti-republican. My offensive remarks were set for other ET members who know my broadsides and have engaged me in debates.

    You know a lot more than I about investing, but when it comes to philosophy, sociology, psychology, art, poetry, I'll ruin most people.
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    Thank you for the kind words rowenwood. I must admit. I define the stereotype ugly-American.
  10. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen rowenwood engage in debates. I have seen him engage in flame wars though.

    Being an ugly American, you are no stranger to flame wars either, now are you? :D

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