Bush To Personally Bullshit Americans Tonight

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  1. White House: Bush mulling speech to nation 1 hour, 31 minutes ago

    President Bush is considering whether to address Americans directly about the financial crisis, and his spokesperson says the nation risks "calamity" without bold action to address the problem.

    White House press secretary Dana Perino told reporters Wednesday the president was weighing whether, as well as when and where, he might deliver a speech to share his thoughts about the market meltdown. Perino said the nation "could be facing financial calamity" without what she called bold and decisive action.

    She said the president has been trying to answer the many questions and concerns Americans have, and that it was possible a formal address was a way to continue to do that. Perino spoke as Bush flew back to Washington from New York Wednesday.

    Bush said in New York earlier Wednesday that despite intense congressional debate over his proposed $700 billion financial bailout plan, he thinks "a robust plan" will be passed.

    The president spoke before a meeting to discuss free trade with leaders of other Western Hemisphere nations. It was one of his final events in his three-day trip to attend the U.N. General Assembly.

    He said the leaders can see clearly that the legislative process in the U.S. is "give and take."

    Bush added: "I am confident when it's all said and done, that there will be a robust plan."
  2. Well, that will be a deal breaker for sure, then.

    Every time this guy opens his mouth, bad things happen.
  3. "He said the leaders can see clearly that the legislative process in the U.S. is "give and take.""

    taxpayers give

    wall street takes
  4. He wants to reintroduce the word "evildoer" into his political speech vocabulary. The word polled well during the aftermath 9/11.

    He just cannot figure who to refer to when he does use it.
  5. Hey, I'm no fan of Hussein the Muslim, but have any of you bothered to read up on Bush's family's history in America? Money, banking and more money.
  6. Ever notice the exact correlation between 1) the USA's forcing Israel to negotiate land for peace and 2) disaster in the USA? Religious or not, use logic, people. Draw a timeline and plot the points. The more we dick around with Israel's land, the more crap comes our way, natural, economic and otherwise.
  7. The only people "bullshitting" America is the Whiner Nation contigency in Congress and the media.

    This "crisis' was directly caused by American's being deadbeats.

    If no one in America had walked away from their LEGAL OBLIGATION to make their mortgage payment or pay their credit card bill then there wouldn't be lenders on the hook.

    How does the media portray Wall Street? As greedy. The reality? These institutions were STIFFED by the same America that's squawking over this plan.
  8. LMFAO!!!

    Thanks Buddy! I needed that!!
  9. We've been irresponsible about credit on may fronts... from the Gummint down to the consumer... regulators and facilitators between.

    Seems like nobody respects the notion, "ALL DEBT GETS ACCOUNTED FOR BY SOMEBODY"...

    The current mess and bail-out plan propose the responsible "accounting for" the irresponsible and greedy... :mad:
  10. actually, i was noticing that ever since we SUPPORTED Israel, we've had nothing but trouble in the Mideast, just as Truman's secretary of state General Geroge Marshall predicted

    Ashkinazis Jews, the dominent Jews in Israel, are Khazars who converted to Judism in around the 10ths century - they're NOT the original 'children of Israel'

    It's absurd to believe that the USA owes this land to them

    and as far as the economic woes are concerned, people on this site has observed a house of cards being build for years. the cause of a house of cards falling is being a house of cards in the first place
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