Bush To Law Abiding Americans: F*ck You

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  1. If you allow illegals to stay here, it is amnesty. Lou Dobbs is on TV right now saying the same thing. Basically, he knows nothing will be done regarding employers and identity cards. Congress will never reach agreement and it will drag on for years. Things will continue as they are, except even more illegals will come here and the ones already here can relax.

    The voters clearly want border security first, combined with stepped up employer scrutiny and crackdowns on illegals gather ing at 7-11's etc for day jobs. If you make it impossible for illegals to work at regular jobs, most will go home on their own.

    Bush has zero credibility on border security. He wants to add 6.000 border guards over a period of years. Too little, too late and we have no reason to believe it will actually be done. We can waste billion son an army of morons to harrasss us at airports, but we can;t put 20 or 30,000 border guards out there within six months?
  2. Bush said he isn't giving the illegals amnesty...... you can stay and down the road you have a chance to become a US citizen. Bush cares more about illegals than he cares about his own citizens. Pathetic....
  3. I am listening to the response from Michael Savage and his callers.....

    They are not happy.....
  4. in stark contrast to the strong credibility he has earned on all those other subjects.....
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    Washington is betting on our apathy on this. Not this time. Serious sh*t will begin to percolate from the states, one way or another. It may even lead to Constitutional amendments, such as English as a national language, or children born by illegals won’t be automatic citizens. Another California Prop 187 should be shoved-up the Legal System’s ass all the way to the Supreme Court so illegals are denied education, health care and public service entitlements. Do that and watch them all return south of the border. It’s a lot cheaper than building walls or kicking them out.

    We are told they come here for work. But actually, they come to America because they think it’s the best part of Mexico to live in.
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    They have been streaming into Southern California for 3 decades or more. Pretty hard to just tell them to go back when they have jobs and own houses and businesses already. Nobody did jack shit about them and now Bush is supposed to fix the problem all at once. They can do all kinds of business without any citizenship actually, loans and all.

    First get control of the borders, then get them in line for citizenship. They are a bunch of bastards when they want to be though, I am not real fond of Mexicans, neither are South Americans, I know El Salvadorians that think Mexicans suck because of their shitty attitudes. I saw a big Mexican guy today flipping off an elderly black couple because they blocked him up for about 2 seconds in their car, he was real menacing and the black couple just waved and got their ass out of there. Mexicans are utterly racists and xenophobic, half of your conversations you are ever going to have with them will be about how they are productive and deserving people but basically they hate blacks and probably white Americans as well. I just really wanted to waste that big bastard and make the world a better place but hey, it's just the world. Maybe they can be the new cannon fodder in the new conservative age instead of white southerners.

    If you really want to run them out real fast just fine the employers enough to make it unthinkable to hire an illegal. If there is a simple answer to a problem and nobody wants to enact it then they want things screwed up. That is a corollary to max's first law of politics and crime: "if something is screwed up, somebody wants it that way so they can make money". What I really do not get is what is the payback for the Republicans?
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    I saw a poll earlier about "rounding up muslims", wonder how many are willing/able to round up everyone here ILLEGALLY?

    Would this draw the same comparisons to the Japanese in WWII, who were largely legal citizens?


    If I snuck into Canada, I sure as shit wouldn't expect them to educate my kids.
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    I think a real big reason ALL politicians are soft on this is the fact that right now, the US treasury is collecting billions of dollars in FICA payments that do not match up with a legitimate SS number. That money goes into the general fund.
  9. The real big reason behind ALL decisions ALL politicians are making these days is attached to money in one form or fashion. It takes some serious balls to buck that trend. I have yet to see ANY politician step forward on this issue that actually wants to prove that he has a pair.

    Like I said in another thread:

    5,000 troops on the border is a joke. 5,000 IRS agents dispatched to "thump" every business that employs illegals says that you mean serious business.

    No jobs = no reason to be here.
  10. There should not be a mystery of why the pols are taking a position in clear defiance to the voters. The Democrats see a vast pool of likely Democrat voters, and the Republicans hear their small business constituents screaming that they have to have them. It's probably a little awkward for Bush to take a hard line, since his brother, "President in waiting" Jeb's wife is mexican.

    What is mystifying is the President's logic, that somehow a guest worker program will remove the impetus for illegal immigration. Are we really willing to allow several million "guests" a year in here? and if we dont, what's to keeep the others from continuing to do what they do anyway, just sneak over? They've already been assured that once they get here we won't send them home. Oh, employers will have a biometric identity card. Why not require that now? Well, for starters, how can you require it for guest workers and not citizens? What's to keep illegals with false papers from claiming they are citizens, just as they do now? The President was a little vague on that.

    How is it that American Express knows who it is issuing cards to and who is using them and there is not a huge problem with fake cards? Why is it that merchants are not fooled by fake credit cards but apparently have no clue they are hiring illegals? Maybe the whole employee verification thing should be privatized.

    A so-called comprehensive solution to illegal immigration is a terrible idea that will never work. The one thing we know about congress is you must force them to eat their vegetables before you give them dessert. The obvious solution is to close the borders first, then crack down on employers, then crack down on benefits for illegals and thus reduce the scope of the problem. Then an donly then, look at a guest worker program.
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