Bush, the worse head of state since Adolf Hitler

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  1. At least Hitler could keep the economy going. Discuss.
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    After inheriting a fairly weak economy in 2001, we've had great growth for several years, despite fighting for our country on several fronts. This was achieved largely on account of brave economic actions by this President, eg, the tax cuts, etc. The current slowdown is natural and to be expected after the run up of the last 6 years. Don't worry, McCain will preside over an even stronger economy over the next 8 years! :)
  3. Best joke that you've posted in a while Yannis. Keep em coming.:D
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    Thanks, hoodooman, I appreciate your trust in my words. :)
  5. It is so glib to even think to compare people to Hitler. I suppose despots like Hussein, who, with his sons tossed people down plastic shredders - alive. If you were lucky, they put you in head first, so you didn't have to witness your lower half mangled before it got to your vitals. That would make some sense.

    But to compare Bush to Hitler is vulgarity.

    Hitler, after executing VonStaufenberg, took several of the coconspirators of the July 20, 1944 asassination attempt and hung them, again alive, on meat hooks used to hang beef sides. He then had it filmed and viewed it for his pleasure.

    Come on.
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    Not to mention that it totally overlooks and misrepresents the massive crimes of the Nazis, and devalues, makes light of, horrendous tragedies like the Holocaust.
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    I agree, the average individual who compares Bush to Hitler are typically the same people who don't know jack shit about history in the first place.
  9. The repubs, at least those with money and power, love recessions.

    It is a fire sale that they live for.

  10. True, Hitler's crimes are of greater magnitude than those of Bush.

    But both launched agressive wars on false pretexts. The Nuremburg process would indeed be fitting for Bush.
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