Bush: The Toxic Texans humiliating personal cowardice

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    Not enough that Bush ran away from fighting the Vietnam War because he was scared to death of his personal security, even though politically that war should have been right up his warped Orwellian creek.

    Then again, talk is cheap if you don't have to walk the talk.


    Well, cowards don't change.

    Even though he is responsible for the senseless death and mutilation based on nothing but lies of tens of thousands of American kids and Iraqis, he is still scared shitless for his own security.


    "'Shoot-to-kill' demand by US

    Martin Bright, home affairs editor
    Sunday November 16, 2003
    The Observer

    Home Secretary David Blunkett has refused to grant diplomatic immunity to armed American special agents and snipers travelling to Britain as part of President Bush's entourage this week.

    In the case of the accidental shooting of a protester, the Americans in Bush's protection squad will face justice in a British court as would any other visitor, the Home Office has confirmed.

    The issue of immunity is one of a series of extraordinary US demands turned down by Ministers and Downing Street during preparations for the Bush visit.

    These included the closure of the Tube network, the use of US air force planes and helicopters and the shipping in of battlefield weaponry to use against rioters, that were however all refused.

    The Americans had also wanted to travel with a piece of military hardware called a 'mini-gun', which usually forms part of the mobile armoury in the presidential cavalcade. It is fired from a tank and can kill dozens of people. One manufacturer's description reads: 'Due to the small calibre of the round, the mini-gun can be used practically anywhere. This is especially helpful during peacekeeping deployments.'

    Demands for the US air force to patrol above London with fighter aircraft and Black Hawk helicopters have also been turned down."





    " Queen 'refuses' Bush request



    BUCKINGHAM Palace turned down requests from US President George W Bush to enhance the building's defences during his state visit this week.

    Requests from Bush reportedly included blast and bulletproof windows, and strengthening the walls in rooms where the president would spend time.

    The Sunday Telegraph quoted anonymous palace courtiers saying that Queen Elizabeth II was not willing to comply with requests for "bomb and airborne assault proofing."




    Not enough with that additional national embarrassment out of I don't remember how many, all thanks to Dubya, after he has managed to squander all the enormous good will we experienced after 9/11 because he insisted on ignoring the very real threat posed by Al Qaeda and instead waging an unprecedented counterproductive war of aggression based on nothing but lies, he is also too cowardly to face the British parliament, a practice that would be normal procedure for every other high level state visitor:



    Nov 17 2003

    By Bob Roberts, Political Correspondent

    GEORGE Bush was last night branded chicken for scrapping his speech to Parliament because he feared being heckled by anti-war MPs."




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    What a pussy.
  3. He's a dried up, stinky dicklicker.
  4. Come on it doesn't matter that he is a coward or not since there are others to do war for his family's profits :D

    New York Times, 3/5/01:

    ...Traveling with the fanfare of dignitaries, Mr. Bush and Mr. Baker [use] their
    extensive government contacts to further their business interests as
    representatives of the Carlyle Group, a $12 billion private equity firm
    based in Washington that has parlayed a roster of former top-level
    government officials, largely from the Bush and Reagan administrations, into
    a moneymaking machine. In a new spin on Washington's revolving door
    between business and government, where lobbying by former officials is
    restricted but soliciting investments is not, Carlyle has upped the ante and
    taken the practice global. Mr. Bush and Mr. Baker were accompanied on
    their trips by former Prime Minister John Major of Britain, another of Carlyle's
    political stars. With door-openers of this caliber, along with shrewd
    investment skills, Carlyle has gone from an unknown in the world of private
    equity to one of its biggest players. Private equity, which involves buying up
    companies in private deals and reselling them, is a high-end business open
    only to the very rich. Over the last decade, the Carlyle empire has grown to
    span three continents and include investments in most corners of the world.
    It owns so many companies that it is now in effect one of the nation's
    biggest defense contractors and a force in global telecommunications.

    Its blue-chip investors include major banks and insurance companies,
    billion-dollar pension funds and wealthy investors from Abu Dhabi to
    Singapore. In getting business for Carlyle, Mr. Bush has been impressive. His
    meeting with the crown prince was followed by a yacht cruise and private
    dinners with Saudi businessmen. And Mr. Bush led Carlyle's successful entry
    into South Korea, the fastest-growing economy in Asia. After his meetings
    with the prime minister and other government and business leaders, Carlyle
    won a tough competition for control of KorAm, one of Korea's few healthy
    banks. The steady flow of politicians to lucrative private-sector jobs based
    on their government contacts is a familiar Washington tale. But in this case,
    it is being played out for more dollars, on a global stage, and in the world of
    private finance, where the minimal government rules prohibiting lobbying by
    former officials for a given period are not a factor. These rules say nothing
    about potential conflicts when former government officials use their
    connections and insights for financial gain, and they may attract more notice
    now that George W. Bush is president. Many of those involved with Carlyle,
    which invests largely in companies that do business with the government or
    are affected by government regulations, have ties to the Oval Office.

    For instance, Frank C. Carlucci, a Reagan secretary of defense who as much
    as anyone is responsible for Carlyle's success, said he met in February with
    his old college classmate Donald H. Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense, and
    Vice President Dick Cheney, himself a defense secretary under former
    President Bush, to talk about military matters - at a time when Carlyle has
    several billion-dollar defense projects under consideration.... "Carlyle is as
    deeply wired into the current administration as they can possibly be," said
    Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity, a
    nonprofit public interest group based in Washington. "George Bush is getting
    money from private interests that have business before the government,
    while his son is president. And, in a really peculiar way, George W. Bush
    could, some day, benefit financially from his own administration's decisions,
    through his father's investments. The average American doesn't know
    that and, to me, that's a jaw-dropper."

    It is difficult to determine exactly how much money the senior Mr. Bush and
    Mr. Baker have made. Mr. Baker is a Carlyle partner, and Mr. Bush has the
    title senior adviser to its Asian activities. With a current market value
    of about $3.5 billion on Carlyle's equity and with the firm owned by 18
    partners and one outside investor, Mr. Baker's Carlyle stake would be worth
    about $180 million if each partner held an equal stake. It is not known
    whether he has more or less than the other partners. Unlike Mr. Baker, Mr.
    Bush has no ownership stake in Carlyle; he is an adviser and an investor and
    is compensated by obtaining stakes in Carlyle investments.
    Carlyle executives cited, for example, Mr. Bush's being allowed to put money
    he earns giving speeches for Carlyle into its investment funds. Mr. Bush
    generally receives $80,000 to $100,000 for a speech. He sits on no
    corporate boards other than Carlyle's. Carlyle also gave the Bush family a
    hand in 1990 by putting George W. Bush, who was then struggling to find
    a career, on the board of a Carlyle subsidiary, Caterair, an airline-catering

    With $12 billion from investors, Carlyle claims to be the nation's largest
    private equity fund and makes money by investing in undervalued companies
    and reselling at a profit.... The California state pension fund invested
    $305 million with Carlyle, and the Texas teachers pension fund - whose
    board was appointed when George W. Bush was governor - gave Carlyle
    $100 million to invest in November. Carlyle also works as a financial adviser
    to the Saudi government....Carlyle has done well for its investors, returning
    an average of 34 percent a year over the last decade, in line with other
    private equity funds. It has done this by buying what it knows best -
    companies that are regulated by the government. Nearly two-thirds of its
    investments are in defense and telecommunications companies, which are
    affected by shifts in government spending and policy. ...Carlyle has
    become the nation's 11th largest defense contractor, owning companies that
    make tanks, aircraft wings and a broad array of other military equipment. It
    also owns health care companies, real estate, Internet companies, a
    bottling company and even Le Figaro, the French newspaper.... And its
    access extends well beyond American shores. In Europe, Carlyle has
    assembled an advisory board that besides Mr. Major includes Karl Otto P÷hl,
    former president of German's Bundesbank, and the past or present chairmen
    of B.M.W., Hoffman-LaRoche, Nestlé_, LVMH-Moït Hennessy, Louis Vuitton
    and Aerospatiale, the French Airbus partner. Carlyle's Asia advisory board,
    which helps raise money and finds and reviews deals, includes former
    President Fidel V. Ramos of the Philippines, the former prime minister of
    Thailand and the executive director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.
    The former South Korean prime minister Park Tae Joon was also an adviser
    to Carlyle....
    In an office adorned with photographs of Mr. Carlucci and the politically
    mighty - he sits beneath an Oval Office picture of himself and Mr. Reagan -
    Mr. Carlucci makes it clear that his extensive government and global ties are
    as fresh as ever. "I know Rumsfeld extremely well," Mr. Carlucci said in an
    interview. "We've been close friends throughout the years. We were college
  5. after-tax corporate profits fell 3.4% but Defense up 46%

    "The panicky effort of the Fed to stimulate economic growth does produce what it considers favorable economic reports, recently citing second quarter growth this year at 3.1%. But in the footnotes, we find that military spending—almost all of which is overseas- was up an astounding 46%. This, of course, represents deficit spending financed by the Federal Reserve’s printing press. In the same quarter, after-tax corporate profits fell 3.4%. This is hardly a reassuring report on the health of our economy and merely reflects the bankruptcy of current economic policy. "

    And who are the benefits ? Answer below:


    There’s no business like war business
    By William Bowles

    05/11/03: (Information Clearing House) There are so many connections between the Bushes, the ‘Defence’ establishment, the global trade in arms, that the mind boggles. That it barely gets a mention in the mainstream media (except of course, to simply ‘report’ it) is a scandal of the grandest proportions. But it only goes to show the power of big business and the political class they have installed in both the US and the UK (after all, John Major is employed by the Carlyle Group and BAE Systems, the major arms supplier to the UK, is part-owned by Carlyle). Not only the connections beggar belief but the sheer hypocrisy of the Bush government should put it in a new category in the Guinness Book of Records! As you’ll see from just of a few of the links to information on Carlyle below, their tentacles extend to many of the armed conflicts going on in the world. There’s no business like war business!

    I’ve presented them in no particular order, the common denominator is the Bush family.

    "Arms Buildup Enriches Firm Staffed by Big Guns"

    Defense: Ex-president and other elites are behind weapon-boosting Carlyle Group.

    By Mark Fineman, Times Staff Writer January 10 2002

    Source: http://www.truthout.org/docs_01/01.11F.Arms.Carlyle.htm

    "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy"

    From Hitler To Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden - Insider Connections and the Bush Family's Partnership with Killers of Americans

    Brown Brothers, Harriman - BNL- and the Carlyle Group By Michael C. Ruppert

    Source: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/fr...01_carlyle.html

    "Legal Group Blasts Papa Shrub on Bin Laden Link"

    Bush Sr. Could Profit From War by Geoffrey Gray October 11th, 2001, Village Voice

    Source: http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0141/gray.php


    Source: http://www.bushwatch.com/bushmoney.htm

    "CHRONOLOGY: The Bushes And The Carlyle Group" Bushnews.com

    Source: http://www.bushnews.com/bushcarlyle.htm

    "The Bush-Carlyle Group Archive" Buzzflash

    A link to a number of links on the Carlyle Group

    Source: http://www.buzzflash.com/perspectiv...sh-Carlyle.html

    Carlyle's way Making a mint inside "the iron triangle" of defense, government, and industry. By Dan Briody January 8, 2002 Red Herring

    Source: http://www.redherring.com/vc/2002/0111/947.html

    "The Carlyle Group" Spectrazine

    Alfred Mendes looks at a single US investment corporation and asks some pertinent questions about democracy, terrorism and power.

    Source: http://www.spectrezine.org/global/carlyle.htm

    "Crony Reform" Slate

    How the access capitalists at the Carlyle Group became real businessmen.

    By Daniel Gross Tuesday, April 15, 2003

    Source: http://slate.msn.com/id/2081572/

    "The Big Guns: The Carlyle Group and Defense Lobbying" OpenSecrets.org

    Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/alerts/v6/alertv6_52.asp

    "The Carlyle Group; Elder Bush in Big G.O.P. Cast Toiling for Top Equity Firm" by Leslie Wayne Monday, March 5, 2001, New York Times

    Source: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines01/0305-03.htm

    "The Pakistan-India conflict is being funded and fomented by the same faces that brought you the war on terrorism"

    A particularly evil manifestation of the arms business is the one in the on-going low intensity war between in India and Pakistan and the Carlyle Group’s role in it

    Source: http://www.propagandamatrix.com/pakistan_india.html

    "US arms group heads for Lisbon: The Carlyle Group, integrated by the Bush and bin Laden families awarded a billion dollar contract to "rebuild Iraq", 6 April 2003

    Source: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/NEW304A.html

    "Bush's Favorite Terrorist Buddy & Carlyle Group (Bush, Sr. Etc) Profits Increasing From Afghan War"

    Source: http://www.apfn.org/apfn/WTC_profits.htm

    "Former President Bush Works for International Investment Firm With Ties To Saudi Arabia" - Company Had Bin Laden Family Connections Judicial Watch

    Source: http://www.judicialwatch.org/1685.shtml

    "Meet the Carlyle Group"

    How will President George W. Bush personally make million$, if not billion$ from the War on Terror? The easy way. He’ll inherit it. Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Making Billions in the War on Terrorism

    Source: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/pear...sh-carlyle.html

    "Carlyle group scandal"

    Source: http://linkthing.com/screed/carlyle_group_cluster.html
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    On the BBC 2 news just now..12 noon GMT..and in National UK Paper.

    Bogus Footman working for Queen during visit of Bush. He is a reporter for the daily Mirror paper who faked his CV to get a job with the Royal Family. He was near to Bush at the Palace.

    So why spend millions and employ an armoured car when all it takes is a crooked / not properly checked CV and you can shoot a US president?:)
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    Prev. admin starved the military and spent it all on illegals coming across the border to vote for them. Every lib garbage politician starves the military and increases the wellfare rolls, it won't stop until collapse and then the lib pols will become consultants selling the publicly owned stuff to the mob and you will become famous as "told you so guy" blaming the Bush's.

  9. It's not even a question of being anti-democrats or anti-liberals - politically I'm in fact democrat I hate socialist demagogy as ideology - this doesn't extend to people I can still have friends that are socialist - so I'm not against Bush political camp by saying that since it is normally my political camp, it's about outrageous public money stealing (ie citizen's tax) apart from morality. And defense business concerns both political camps: while Clinton was fighting Badag, his wife was CEO of (french) Larfarge US bureau and was delivering arms to ... the same Irak.
    If I insist on Bush it is because it has reached a proportion that is billions and billions with Carlyle Group, not withstanding billions of BCCI - see my signature below about this muslim terrorist bank created with the benediction of Bank of England - which is said to be closed officially by FBI but there is some testimony from financial ex-Director of Clearstream - one of the 2 most important clearing house in the world - in Luxembourg who said in a book they still operate in a luxury hotel with the benediction at that time of the prime minister of Luxembourg who has afterward became President of Europe: you see the tentacular ramifications of arms and terrorism doesn't only concern corruption of US governement but also Europe Governments, the difference is that it is less visible in Europe because it is not one nation but a supra entity so people just don't see that their own state doesn't decide any more.

    Some people are supporting this "business" because they think it helps the economy they are just as stupid as socialists who believe that high deficit spending is helping the economy !

    So see there a lesson from geostrategy and economy of war from Brezinski the headmaster of Rockfeller's Trilateral that tell you in your face that it is economical suicide :

    And since you are only reasoning with labels appearances instead of looking at profound reality this is what the Rockfeller's trilateral is targeting : it is socialism, for that they need that US imperialism - which is a truth since it is the word used by Brezinski (remember http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/zbig.html ) - excites the other nations that will chose socialism, and when all other nations have made the conversion it will then be the turn of US and if you don't believe it this is a taste of what will be the future from George Bush to Gorbatchev you will be surprised that they publicize the same thing:

    "If we do not follow the dictates of our inner moral compass and stand up for human life, then this lawlessness will threaten the peace and democracy of the emerging ‘New World Order’ we now see, this long dreamed-of vision we’ve all worked toward for so long."
    President George Bush (January 1991)

    <font color="red">“The ultimate aim of the Council on Foreign Relations [whose President is Rockfeller] is to create a one-world socialist system and make the United States an official part of it.”</font>

    Dan Smoot, a former member of the FBI staff in Washington conducted an investigation of the aims of the Council on Foreign Relations

    "All countries are basically social arrangements.… No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary.… Within the next hundred years … nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority."

    Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Clinton's roommate at Oxford, wrote this in Time magazine, July 20, 1992

    "Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order."

  10. Does this explain why the rays of light are blocked by the cloud on the new seal compared to 200 years ago ?

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