Bush That Lying Sack Of Crap Is On TV

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  1. Who the f-ck would believe a word that piece of crap says?!

    So now the Federal Government is going to speculate in the open market with 700 BILLION dollars, and hope they can sell at a higher price!???? What the F happened to the FREE MARKE?! I thought the republican scumbags were for LESS government! I say let the Country have a deep recession. THAT'S the FREE market at work.
  2. I want to know how the government is going to pay for all of this and not raise taxes.

    If joesixpack went to the local bank asking for a "consolidation" loan based on his good credit only because his wife spent too much money on credit cards he can no longer afford, what would any reasonable lending institution say?

    If anything, those who profited the most from the working at the mortgage companies, those who made the most money on their stock options, those who got a tax cut on the dividend from these companies should be hounded down and have their taxes raised.

    Why should those who did not profit from the upswing pitch in and pay for the greed and stupidity of these Wall Street firms?

  3. Also worth noting that Bush said nothing about the price of energy and food rising dramatically being a factor in the ability of Americans to make their ends meet.
  4. I have never been so angry in my life at the joke that we call Congess!

    I am POSITIVE that this bogus "bailout" will rank as the most disgraceful action by a president and congress in the history of this Country. These fucking republican losers were totally responsible for passing a "tougher" bankruptcy bill so that the little guy can't get a break IF HE FUCKS UP WITH HIS CREDIT! Yet we now have these scumbag hypocrites claiming that if the credit issues are BIG enough and affect the wealthy that we can suspend with business as usual and bail them out..... with the typical caveat that this action will "trickle down"!

    The same BULLSHIT we always hear from these corrupt losers. This is total Machiavellian bullcrap!

    If this were the 60s there would be another riot in Grant Park. A bunch of sheep now reside in this disgraced country; no-nothings that worry more about their brand of beer and getting on a reality show than what is happening with the corrupt politicians and the Country as the result of these incompetent Wharton dropouts !
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    IceMan for President.

    Agree 200%!
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    The public won't care until they go the ATM machine at the bank and its out of cash.
  7. What if OIL keeps going DOWN! ? Meaning............ what if the same incompetents who let this happen in the first place can't sell these securities at a higher price SOON enough to cover our country's ass???! Plus with all this massive selling won't that DEPRESS the price even more?!

    Do we file a chapter 11 on behalf of the USA?

    This is gambling! Playing hard-eight wth the Country's future !
  8. Newt Gingrich completely agrees with you.

  9. Unfortunately........ "DO as I SAY, NOT as my Family DOES" Newt G.... is saying that for political and strategy reasons rather than strength and honor!
  10. newt spit the bit years ago.

    there's almost nothing he has to say that's relevent anymore.

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